100 day shred…done!

At the beginning of the year I had this crazy idea that a 100 day shred was a good idea and it seems sometimes, I’m right! I didn’t really think through how long that would be, more than a quarter of the year dedicated to dieting and exercising. The aim, be in the prime of my life as I turned 30. Whilst I didn’t quite make it to my pre wedding weight, I feel stronger, happier and healthier than ever!

I won’t lie to you, it’s taken me this long to write the final 100 day shred post, because I’ve been busy indulging in things I shouldn’t be doing. Going out for numerous carby dinners, drinking too much and avoiding the gym. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some serious shred guilt over the last week, but you know what, I managed 100 days, I decided a week off wouldn’t kill me. So here’s the results of my hard work:

Neck: -2cm
Chest: -11.5cm
Waist: -7.5cm
Hips: -11.5cm
Thigh: -3cm
Arm: -2.5cm
Total: -38cm

Total weight loss: 1st 3lbs (17lbs)

Body fat reduction: -2.8% (only measured in last 6 weeks)

Whilst I didn’t lose quite as much weight as I thought I would, 38 freaking’ centimetres…that’ll do! I’ve noticed a massive difference in my clothes. I even bought some new jeans, which normally would take a bit of wearing before they felt comfortable, but instead, these ones are a bit too big. I’ve bought clothes in a smaller size, people have given me lots of compliments, I’ve had more energy, I sleep better, my skins better. My Instagram page might be awash with knobby gym/fitness/healthy living posts but I don’t care. It bloody works!


What’s next? I hear you all cry (that’s what I like to think anyway). When I saw my before and after photos, which I won’t share due to the lack of clothing, I was pleased. And when I got this response from Shred Master Sarah, I knew I couldn’t stop now!

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 20.45.09.png

That’s exactly what I am doing. Even better this time, my sister is in on it too! Upcoming events and her role as bridesmaid for a couple of friends, have lead the way for Project Bridesmaid, or the PB shred as we’re calling it (like our personal best, get it?). After a planning session in the sun yesterday with the shred master, we are prepped, ready and armed for our first month, with monthly planning sessions to follow. Both of us are people that need structure and routine so that we stick to it. And ways to make us accountable. So we’ve set up a joint Instagram account @pb_shred where we can chart our progress. Feel free to follow us, but be warned, we may seem like ‘fitness knobs’. We’re not really. Just two 30 somethings (choked on that a little) with a mission to look awesome and feel super awesome! What is it they say, ‘when one door closes, another one opens.’

“Sometimes you get to what you thought was the end and you find it’s a whole new beginning.” – Anne Tyler


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