Week 13…done!

Last week was busy, busier than my husbands stash of chocolate post Easter….well maybe not that busy! But with a week off work I enjoyed a wedding and a day off the diet (as outlined before I started), then came a trip to London where I used up the last of my treats. All gone now, but trust me, it was worth it for this baby:


With Sunday came the christening of the loveliest and newest member of the family, but with that came the serious sadness of watching the most tanned member of the family, devour the most amazing smelling catering that there ever was:


In terms of living my life it was an awesome week, in terms of the shred it was probably my worst yet. Very little exercise (although ALL the walking) but in true Usher style, ‘These are my confessions, Man I’m thrown and I don’t know what to do, I guess I gotta give you part two of my confessions, If I’m gonna tell it then I gotta tell it all…’ I ate a Pizza Hut! I tipped those treats from the 5 I was allowed into 6, and I know that’s failing but if in 100 days, I failed once, then I’m ok with that, so you better had be! Instead let’s focus on the the lovely new clothes I got to buy since I lost some weight and inches. I used to hate shopping. Picking lovely tops and dresses up off the rails and heading to the changing rooms with excitement. Only to leave with nothing. Too tight, too unflattering, trousers that are baggy at the knees because as soon as you hit a size 16 waist they assume your legs are huge! So when I dragged Mr M. around the shops in London, it felt great to try things on and even buy them! Even more awesome to ask the shop assistant if he could get the smaller size and to purchase something in a size 12.

So, with 7 days to go, which I can’t bloody believe, I’m going to move on from the Pizza Hut fail, and get excited about the final results. Start planning the exit plan, because after 100 days, I can’t just go back to how I was. I took some before photos (which I won’t share due to the limited clothing), but when I put them next to the now photos, the change is epic (or atleast to me it is). Whilst I am excited to eat some carbs in 8 days time, I’m also excited about getting straight back on it and seeing how much further I can go!

I don’t plan on doing my usual Saturday weigh in this week, I’m going to save that, and the final measurements for day one freaking hundred!

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” – Lao Tzu


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