Week 10…done!

Believe it or not, this is not the first time I have embarked upon a shredtastic challenge. Last year I did a 70 days shred. Yesterday was day 70, so now, I’m not only beating my record, but I’m on the home stretch. Just 29 days to go! This is the only reason I managed to get up an go to the gym this morning. My alarm went off and I, very, almost rolled over and went back to sleep. But then I remembered how long I have left.


Last week, as part of super-sizing the shred, I managed 7 exercise sessions across 6 days…and I didn’t die. Not only that but the fat step rewarded me for my efforts with a wee pound off, which means I hit my mini March goal of reaching a stone, and I even did it with a week to spare. Cocky or what!? I also decided it was about time to do measurements again. I could already feel it in my clothes but I couldn’t believe the total loss that I had in centimetres since day 1. Cue some serious smugness…

Neck: – 2cm
Chest: – 4cm
Waist: – 8.5cm
Hips: – 7cm
Thigh: – 1.5cm
Arm: – 2.5cm
Total: – 25.5cm

This week I will continue to supersize the shred with the following exercise sessions planned:

Monday AM – Gym
Monday PM – Insanity
Tuesday AM – Gym
Wednesday – Rest day
Thursday AM – Gym
Friday AM – Gym
Saturday – PT
Sunday – Gym

I’ve even planned a cheeky extra session than last week, so it’s 8 exercise across 6 days. My fat burning potential has been cranked right up and I can’t get enough of it…well, the DOMS I can! The DOMS today were unreal. I went to the gym with a friend yesterday, and to say he put me through my paces is an understatement. I ache…but we did get to use some magic chalk that comes out like a cream, then when you blow on it, it becomes chalk! I’m so easily pleased.

I might be on week 10 but it is never too late for you to get started on your week 1. Make a plan, set your rules, make small changes, make big changes, but make some changes…otherwise you’re just staying where you are, and where’s the fun in that!

“I’m no losing weight, I’m getting rid of it. I have no intention of finding it.”
– Anonymous


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