After running the Scottish Half Marathon last September, I very much put running on hold. I didn’t love it anymore, I’m not sure I ever really did. What I do love, is that smug satisfying feeling when it’s over. I always thought Usain Bolt seemed like a very confident man, of course he is, he has a lot to be smug about!


I reckon our pace is probably fairly comparable but Usain’s bonus…climate. I woke up this morning in a very grey, miserable looking Dundee, having set my alarm for 8am for Park Run. I often make plans to do early weekend exercise and I won’t lie, about 90% of the time, those plans are squashed as I snooze my alarm and roll over. Which is exactly what I assumed would happen this morning. But my some miracle, I was awake and even convinced Mr M. to bring to dog for a walk while I ran.

I’ve done Park Run a couple of times in Edinburgh and it is a brilliant event. The first time I went, I fully expected maybe 20, 30 people max. No. It was more like 500! People with dogs, buggies, small children who could have easily lapped me, all sorts showed up. I suppose the event is a bit similar to the November Project that Kathleen Anderson talks about in Sweaty Hugs, it’s just that rather than shouting it as a group, in my head I was thinking ‘fuck yeah’. It’s just a whole load of strangers coming together, for free, to follow a 5k course. Some people run it in with ease in 15 mins (they are mental!), some people need 50 minutes, but no one cares how long you take, because you’re there and you’re doing it!

IMG_7426Being over taken my a man more than twice my age!

When I planned in the Dundee Park run for Saturday, I had completely forgotten the fact that Dundee is just one giant hill! The course started with a lovely casual descent, ‘I’ve got this’, I thought. I didn’t have it! Not even a mile in, the course took an uphill turn that continued until pretty much the end. Ten minutes in and I thought ‘I’ll just head through these trees back to the car’, even more so when a significantly older gentleman overtook me. But I grit my teeth, sucked it up and carried on wading through the mud.

IMG_7442I usually get 3-10mins peak heart rate in Insanity, should give
you an idea of
how hard I found this!

I was very much last for most of the race. It took me back to school sports day, when every year I got the ‘Thanks for taking part’ sticker, which must have killed my crazy competitive Dad. But to be honest, he was probably just pleased I was doing something remotely sports related…if only he could see me now….he’d still kick my butt in a race. Slowly but surely I overtook the people who took off too fast, the people who struggled just a tad more than me on the hill, I even eventually over took the old dude that made me eat dust earlier on! I still only came 180th out of 218, but what were you doing at 9.30 am this morning?

Worst part of Park run…wearing my new Nikes which are now sitting, ashamed, in the hall awaiting the washing machine. Best part of Park run…not dying!

“For me, I’m focused on what I want to do. I know what I need to do to be a champion, so I’m working on it.” – Usain Bolt


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