When in France…

Kate Moss famously said that ‘nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’, clearly she’s never had tartiflette. In total contrast to my post about free exercise, for the past 4 days I have been away in France skiing, probably the priciest of sports activities. And normally skiing is not just about the snow, but the carbs! Croissants for breakfast, paninis, hot dogs, chips on the slopes for lunch and meaty, cheesy, potatoey dinner to see the day out. I expected the shred to cause all sorts of havoc while away, and while I did use up 2 of my 5 treats for the 100 days, I actually managed to find plenty to eat.

You’ve got to enjoy life and that is hopefully what my blog is about, not having to make loads of sacrifices or changing life too drastically, just some healthy changes to make things better. And so cheat one came in the form of a cheese fondue. And cheat two, one of my all time favourites, tartiflette.

The joyous scenes of using up the first of my 5 treats

The difference between a shred cheat and a normal cheat….I won’t let it go on any further. Cheat meals done and now it is back to business.We’ve all been there when you have a cheat on a Friday, so you write off the weekend, ‘I’ll start again on Monday’. I’ve known myself to write off a whole week just because of one meal or one event where I struggled to stick to it. Craziness!cheat-meal

I kept myself active the whole time. When I wasn’t skiing I was walking around. When I was skiing the legs got a serious hit. I’m not a great or confident skier, and I stopped skiing for about eight years and have just come back to it. Snow ploughing is pretty tough on the old pins! There is a lot of walking about in the weirdest boots you’ve ever worn, carrying heavy skis on your shoulders…trust me, it’s a good workout! After a long day skiing, we walked over to catch the bubble home and I was so shattered I half expected a slow clap as we climbed up the road, like the final scenes of Cool Runnings when those bad ass mother’s carried the sled over the finish line. It was just like that…only less heroism and more unfit sweating!

What I am trying to say is holibobs don’t have to mean holiblobs. ‘Treat yo self’ but just don’t go mental. Don’t undo all your hard work. Actually you can come back having had a great time, but without breaking into a sweat as you lunge back into your jeans.

“Rise and shine, it’s butt whipping time!” – Cool Runnings



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