Week 6…done!

Week 6 is done, week 7 is in full flow and with today being day 44, it’s only another 6 days to the half way shred point. It’s time to get serious and crank this bad boy up a notch.


Remember the Bermuda Triangle weigh in of week 4…I somehow gained 3lbs. I still hear people talking about it in hushed tones! Well I decided to pop the fat step away for a while and focus on measurements which have consistently gone down. But after 2 weeks, I thought it was time to brave it again. So on Saturday I removed all the kirby grips from my hair (extra weight…obvs) and stepped on, and thankfully, those rogue 3lbs were off, along with another 1lb. It’s good to know the new bathroom floor has sorted itself out (I could only attribute a 3lb weight gain to the new floor tiles…again obvs!). So in 6 weeks I am a healthy 10lbs down.


Time to set myself a couple of mini goals to keep things moving! I’m thinking 1 stone off by the end of March. 4 weeks to lose another 4lbs, easy! Then, a wee fitness goal. For aaaaaages I’ve wanted to be able to do full push ups, something I really struggle with, no matter how much stronger I get. On or around day 50 I will be redoing the fitness test I took on day one, but on top of that, I am going to aim for 6 kick ass, strong as an ox, full blown push ups. Six might not seem a lot, but I struggle with one at the moment, so trust me, 6 will be tough. Watch this space.

“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. – Maya Angelou


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