Did you say FREE?

Something you may have picked up from my blog is that I am my Father’s daughter when it comes to the old purse strings, in other words, I’m cheap! So you can imagine my Carlton esque shimmy when things are free! Free – those four letters get me quite giddy!


On Wednesday this week, I went along to a free Insanity class at Lululemon, and it was a sweaty one. Something I find weird is the concept of paying to sweat. Yes pay for nice things like massages and Prosecco….but to sweat, nah! The event was in aid of a book launch – Sweaty Hugs: How Free Fitness Changes Lives by Kathleen Anderson. I haven’t started the book yet (cue another blog once done), but something that Kathleen talked about really rang true with me and that was turning exercise into a social situation.


When I started going to Team Beach Fit classes (then Beachfit Bootcamp) almost 4 years ago now, I wasn’t there to make friends, it was a means to an end. Something I had to do to help me get healthy. I didn’t speak to anyone, I went, I sweat, I crawled home. Now, there couldn’t be a more fitting name for the classes. We are a team! We sweat together, we burpee together, we even have the odd drink together. Part of what gets me to the classes now is the group of people! Every bone in my body tells me pre class that I should sack it off, go home, get on the sofa and watch Ex on the Beach. But I don’t, I don my jazzy leggings, fill up my digital water bottle and get a good old team natter pre sweaty madness.

img_7148I really only went for the free coconut water…obvs!

I haven’t always exercised! When I was young I didn’t even crawl, I just shuffled on my bum, I used to dread PE and a walk to the end of the street was a walk too far. Now, it has become part of my life and that’s down to finding the right form of exercise and the right classes for me. Some people are runners…not me (I get far too bored on my own), some people are swimmers, some people like to headphone up and spend an hour in the gym. Whatever works for you, is what you should be doing. Don’t give up when you can’t do it, just try something else, maybe you just haven’t found your thing yet.

And most importantly, don’t blame the purse strings for being lazy. Give Kathleen’s book a read, google your nearest Park Run, go for a walk, YouTube some Bodycoach HIIT workouts. There really is no excuse.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller


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