Week 5…done!

Apologies that my weekly summary is slightly later than normal, blame my much needed post hen nap time! It’s hard to believe that I am only on day 36 of 100, still another 64 days to go! Equally, I can’t believe I am already into week 6! Last week was tough, after not losing but actually gaining the week before (with absolutely no logic why) I had to be strong. And strong I was, strong like Justin Trudeau’s handshake…strong as a maple tree!


I knew I had my first outlined cheat day on Saturday for my cousin’s hen party, so I wanted to have a great week before that. I went to 2 Insanity classes, a P90X class and a PT session, and that was just Monday through Thursday. I decided to put the fat step away for the week. I was worried another disappointing weigh in might throw me off the wagon, and when I come off the wagon I’m talking about that wagon getting blown into smithereens! So I stuck with measurements again, and I was rewarded sweetly!

Neck: -1.5cm
Chest: -4cm
Waist: -5cm
Hips: -7cm
Thigh: No change
Arm: -2cm
Total: -19.5cm

That’s a further 8cm since my last measurements. And whilst I am not feeling it massively in my clothes yet, I know I am on track. The reason I know that, because even after my cheat day on Saturday, I was straight back on it on Sunday with a hangover omelette while everyone else enjoyed pancakes, potato scones and french toast…mmm…french toast!


But forget all of that. A much bigger event took place last week. Our crazy family got a lovely little addition, the adorable Matilda Jayne. I hope she always feels empowered, knows she can kick butt and has a totally bad ass family watching out for her! Welcome to the world wee buddy!

“As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was about to happen.”
-AA. Milne, Winnie the Pooh



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