I’m broken…

…so tow me away, bash out my dents and give me a good old polish! Last week I discussed the big mysteries in the world and yesterday this theme continued. I skipped gayly out my front door, as I always do at the thought of heading to work, only to stumble upon a mystery that neither myself, nor my uncle, nor my sister, nor the lovely policemen who came to kick ass, were able to find an answer to. Someone, during the night, drove into my perfectly parked, snug as a bug car and didn’t think twice about just driving away.


As my lovely Grandad would have said ‘it’s just a bit of metal’, but I spend a lot of time with that piece of metal. We spend each and every day together (I don’t even see my husband that much), he provides me with tunes-a-plenty, cradles my lifeless body as I take post Insanity selfies and takes me on lovely adventures. So to mess with my little buddy, is to mess with me! He’s suffering from some serious car DOMS.

brokenPost PT pain!

After getting back into the swing of things with my exercise, over the last few days I too have a bad case of the DOMS. I’m broken. I ache where I didn’t know it was possible. This evening in PT, I was ready to give up, as I hit the 7th round of burpees, bar squats and over head presses, I wanted to crush Shred Master Sarah like that fool crushed my car (I’d have left a note mind), but I didn’t. I gritted my teeth and I got it done because there’s shredding to be done and I’m not giving up!

I am now ready to be collected, fixed, put back together again and maybe even washed. If only I could be provided with a rental body for tomorrow night’s insanity…it’s all worth it right?

“It’s ok if you fall down and lose your spark. Just make sure that when you get back up, you rise as the whole damn fire.” – Anonymous


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