Week 4…done!

Have you ever wondered what the Bermuda triangle really is? Or if Nessie really exists? Or even how on earth Professor Green bagged Millie Macintosh…well my friends, this week there is an even bigger mystery on everyone’s minds.


The fourth week of my 100 day shred went swimmingly. I feasted like a caveman, sweat like a beast in 2 x Insanity classes, 1 x P90X, 1 x PT session and took part in a Fitbit step challenge that may well go down in history. So, when I stepped on the scales on Saturday morning I was feeling confident. The past 3 weeks I have continued to lose weight to a total of 9lbs. Previously when following the diet I find I only lose weight every other week, so 3 in a row has been nice! Alas, imagine the horror on my face when I stepped on the fat step, only to be told I had a gained 3lbs. Yup, you read that right, 3lbs ON! ‘It’s the new bathroom tiles’ I told myself as I marched, starkers, out to the hall to try again. Same reading.

After a bit of a Google and a good grilling for Shred Master Sarah, I found that there are loads of reasons why you might gain weight whilst dieting and exercising, including stress, water retention, muscle gain and hormones to name a few. It’s starting to be a bit clearer why people encourage you to throw away the scales, they aren’t necessarily an accurate measure of results. Naturally my first thought was, if I was going to gain weight, I may as well have had a McDonalds! I weighed myself again this morning and it was down to 1lb on, which is better, but still not ideal. I’m pinch of salting it!


I decided that after 4 weeks it was time to get the measuring tape out and see if I could get a win somewhere else. And win I did! Here’s the centimetres lost over the first 4 weeks:

Neck: -1cm
Chest: -2cm
Waist: -3.5cm
Hips: -4cm
Thigh: No change
Arm: -1cm
Total: -11.5cm

Yes my mind was blown by the gain on the scales, but just like my mind boggles at how planes stay in the air, I know there’s a reason for it, some clever science behind it. And at the end of the day, as long as I get from A to B (from Average to Bexcellent) then who cares if there’s a bit of turbulence on the way! Onwards and upwards for week 5!

Well, as I type this Mr M has hung a new blind, fitted a new bathroom light while also cooking up a roast, so over an out shred fans…Sunday roast awaits!

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.”
– Jim Rohn


One thought on “Week 4…done!

  1. It’s all muscle, Bex. Don’t give that pesky 1lb a thought. Good luck on Week 5; bet you’re even leaner at the end. Xx

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