Week 1…done!

Today my Instagram and Facebook news feeds were filled with the incredible scenes of women protesting in solidarity across the world. One of my favourite signs read ‘Keep your tiny hands off women’s rights.’ Yeh Trump, chuff off and don’t underestimate the power of a she squad!  No I’m not going all serious on you, I just freaking love when women kick ass!

And this week I feel like I kicked some serious shred ass (not to trivialise politics or anything)! 6lbs of ass to be precise. Yesterday morning (after 5 full days of shredding), I dared to take on the fat step and she rewarded me sweetly. While I know the first week weight loss should be taken lightly, mainly because I was eating ALOT the weeks before, it was exactly the motivation I needed to keep me going!

Even after just one week I feel like I am seeing changes. I feel less bloated, less tired and best of all, I’m sleeping better. Got me a solid 9 hours last night!


And mountains I moved….well I stuck to the rules of the shred, so maybe more like little mounds of raw almonds. I followed the diet every day, I exercised 4 times (2 Insanity classes, P90X class and a PT session), I tried not 1, but 3 new recipes, weighed in, and posted something online every day. I’ve even found myself joining Mr M. on a few dog walks, trust me that never happens!

Sunday’s for me are all about planning for the week. And after being dragged around suit shopping with Mr M. (now I know how he feels all the time) I sat down and booked in for next week’s classes and PT, then planned in my meals for the week. The Brownie Guide motto of always being prepared has really stuck with me…that and the ability to wash sharp knives safely and hold a strong pow wow session. I ordered myself a lovely new weekly planner pad from Etsy and planned in all meals for Monday to Friday. I like to keep the weekend free and plan that in later in the week.

So with week 2 planned, bring it on! 7 down…93 days to go. Let’s do this shred pals!

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it”
– Peter Pan


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