How to Fri-Yay!

In the words of Rebecca Black, ‘it’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday’….down the pub I assume? I’ve heard many people refer to ‘Fat Friday’, but for me, if I ate badly on Friday, may as well do the same Saturday, then fuck it, might as well just get on it Monday. Then you’re hard work Monday to Thursday is down the pooper, and where does it leave you, with just the same clothes that have gotten too tight and a feeling of failure.

The idea that you can eat what you want at the weekend if you’re good through the week just doesn’t work for me. I’m really an all or nothing kinda gal. So today I woke up just like any other day, well that’s not true, I’m outrageously tired from the sugar withdrawls, but I got up, went to work and had a delicious breakfast. I don’t need no bacon roll you fool, or at least that’s what I have to tell myself. Shred rule number 5 ‘try a new recipe each week’, so that’s exactly what breakfast was this Kale, sausage and pepper skillet which I had with some leftover guacamole.


What better than a wee Friday lunch with colleagues at the pub down the road, a pub that does the most unbelievable haggis and all of the cheese loaded fries! But the shred power is strong and I ordered a chicken pesto salad, with the little magic garlic croutons swapped out for crispy bacon. It was amazing! Yes, everyone else was eating Mac ‘n’ cheese and hot dogs but I managed and I couldn’t even eat it all!


Then, what better to set you up for the weekend than a brisk ‘this is bloody awful’ PT session outside. A particularly rough session this evening for the three of us:

  • 30 overhead press with the bar/30 push ups/30 squats with bar
  • 1 burpees for as long as it takes to do the above
  • 1 holds a 10kg weight above the head for as long as it takes to do the above

We had 25 mins to do as many rounds as possible and we beasted it! #squadgoals I probably won’t be able to hold my hairdryer tomorrow but gains eh!

Then what better way to top off a Friday evening than with faux cheat meal. I love meals like this, they feel like a cheat but actually they are A ok! We had Muscle Food sirloin steaks, Sainsbury’s crinkle cut butternut squash fries (they have an unreal low carb selection now) and asparagus. I made a little bit of garlic and basil butter to pop on top…divine!


So that’s how you do it my friends. You don’t need a bacon roll, you don’t need a fat Friday, you just need a good old slab of shred power and to pay a crazy woman to shout ‘burpee faster’ at you! Happy weekending mofos!



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