P90X – Turn It Up!

This man’s name is Jeremy. Jeremy does P90X. And I can only assume that attending P90X once a week is going to make me as ripped at Jeremy….right?


Team Beach Fit Edinburgh has introduced a spicy new fella to the timetable with another Beachbody workout (they also do Insanity, Piyo, etc). It’s kind of like Insanity but with some bad ass weights that make you feel like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. They describe it with a little less Rock to it, you know, ‘a total-body strength and conditioning class’ and all that jazz. But I bet I had you at badass Dwayne!

img_6403Let’s do this!

Last Tuesday the class kicked off and I can honestly say my bum muscles (glutes for short) were still sore on Friday! It’s amazing, horrible, but amazing. Like Insanity the class is broken up into different rounds. First up a cardio blast, the only round that doesn’t use weights. Then on to lower body, upper body and abs. One of the main differences from Insanity is the switch from 30 second intervals to 45 seconds. I think in life I’ve underestimated seconds until now, tricky little buggers! It’s a bloody tough class, but the DOMS are just as bloody satisfying.

img_6402Shred buddy and me post P90X terror!

I would most definitely recommend giving it a go along with the other classes that Team Beach Fit (recently rebrand from Beach Fit Bootcamp….because we’re a freakin’ awesome team) offer. Details on Facebook and teambeachfit.com if you fancy it.



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