Prime of Lime

On this day 96 years ago the Dry Law was put into effect in the United States and the selling of alcohol became illegal. But forget that, now people will remember the 15th January as the day I stopped eating Monster Munch….for 100 days at least. I bring you, Bex’s 100 day shred! That’s right, I’m back baby!


In 2016 I challenged myself with the old healthy living business. Some victories were big, some were slightly smaller, but they were victories all the same. I trained for a 10k and then a half marathon, completed a 70 day shred, took part in a urban tri event, completed monthly challenges like 30 burpees a day for 30 days, you get the picture. This might not seem like a lot but trust me, I am no natural athlete! I won’t go into details but you can read about why I did my last shred and a bit about my fat story here.


A while back I made a list of things that I wanted to achieve by my 30th. With the big day now only 101 days away, I have a lot still to cross off. But now, in the words of Monica Geller, my main aim is to be in the ‘prime of lime’. Some might say that I’m in a pretty good place in life, married to Mr M., good stable job, property owner (even if I don’t live in it), awesome friends, the maddest but most amazing family, what more could you want!? Soft elbows, that’s what! Yes I’ve nailed down some of the big stuff, but I’m going to use turning 30 as a good excuse to reach my absolute prime. To be fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been, to complete my never ending quest for soft elbows, to wear toyt, toyt jeans. In June, I am going to Ibiza for a friend’s wedding, and while I will never be an ab clad bikini wearer, I’d love to don swimwear with confidence. I’m going to look 30 in the face and slap it with a whole heap of awesomeness!

How do I take my challenges a step further, eh? Just make it longer! So my friends, I bring you my 100 day shred….I’m scared! One of the steps on my last shred was to rid my social media pages of all the food porn that I subject myself to. And I started following healthy bloggers and more inspirational people. One of which is @myjourneytogold. Give her a follow for lots of motivational posts and great meal and snack ideas. She posted one day about aiming for 10 perfect days. Such a simple idea, just 10 days, that’s all. 10 days of spot on healthy eating and lots of exercise. I did this just before Christmas and found it a great way to keep on track. I set 3 daily goals:

  1. Drink 3 litres of water
  2. Ditch the lift and take the stairs at work
  3. Eat like a caveman


And guess what, it worked.Baby steps my friends. My plan is to keep telling myself, it’s just 10 lots of 10 perfect days, easy right? So here’s the rules:

  • Weigh in or do my measurements once a week
  • Follow the Paleo diet daily (read more about it here)
  • 5 treats
  • Exercise 4 times a week
  • Try a new recipe every week
  • Post an update each day (blog/Instagram/Facebook)

Now being in the prime of lime also means enjoying life. I have always been very clear than I am not Gillian McKeith, I don’t get off on turning down fries for a salad, I don’t ever forget to eat! I am a normal, twenty something, who’s idea of a great Friday night is eating Mac & Cheese infront of the TV, before unashamedly demolishing a whole tub of Haagen Dazs’ Salted Caramel ice cream straight from the tub. I want to show that you can lose weight, and get in shape, without eating raw carrots out of a sandwich bag and spending your life in the gym. Contrary to popular belief I have a life, I have plans, I have lots of fun things coming up, so for full disclosure I plan to take a few days off. Owning up to them here, hopefully means I won’t get too carried away:

Saturday 18th February – my cousin’s hen do
Tuesday 11th April – my cousin’s wedding
Friday 14th April – day in London for my 30th


I won’t lie to you, I’m scared, 100 days is a bloody long time, it’s more than 3 months! But I hate to fail and am very competitive so….

Who’s with me?


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