Guess who’s back…

…back again. Shred is back, tell a friend…or not, probs not everyone’s bag eh! Just like Marshal ‘Eminem’ Mathers, I’ve had a tough life. Him nicknamed Mickey by his family for his big ears, me likened to Dopey by my mother. Him on NME’s 2004 Cool List, me being a real hoot. Him winning 13 Grammy’s, me winning £2 on a scratch card last week. And while sadly I couldn’t bag Elton John to help me clean up my act, I did manage to clean up my diet and fitness regime with my 70 day shred earlier this year.

fct_9c590cf837fdadcMe and Eminem hanging out at Christmas

Since finishing my shred in April there’s been ups, there’s been downs…there’s been Monster Munch! But all has not been lost and it is time to get moving on my next challenge…operation ‘Run Bex, Run!’


Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a natural athlete. Even as a child I could be found shuffling around on my bum because apparently crawling took too much effort. I had to be tricked by my lovely Grandad to go for walks. He sold it as ‘looking for conkers’, only for me to realise half way through ‘this feels like a walk Grandad?’

Earlier this year I saw the Forth Road Bridge 10k being advertised on Facebook. At first all it was was a click of a ‘interested’ button. Then came sign up time. I got somewhat carried away at the suggestion that places would go quickly. There I was one Sunday night frantically typing in my details to get a place like I was trying to get Busted tickets. But alas, I got a place and realised now I had to actually run it.

ForthBridge.jpgI know what you’re thinking….that’s quite a bend….ahh!

Last year I made a list of things that I wanted to achieve before my 30th birthday, which is coming around far too soon! This list included running a half marathon as well as doing something significant for charity. So here I am killing two birds with one stone. I wanted the list to be achievable but clearly I made an error here. I am NOT a runner! Give me a 50 minute sweaty Insanity class any day…running is tough! I realised this when I set off, geared up, for my first run and made it to the end of my street after 1 minute and thought one of my lungs had collapsed.

I decided that if I am going to kill myself with all this running I should do it for a good cause. Headway is a UK charity that helps improve the lives of people with brain injuries, as well as their families. When I was 10 years old my Dad was in a life changing accident on his bike that resulted in a serious head injury. All of our lives changed that day. He spent three years in hospital before moving home where he required 24 hour care from professional carers. We were lucky enough to have him with us for another 10 years before he passed away. Me and my family know first hand the effects that a brain injury can have on people and that’s why I wanted to raise money for Headway. So they can help more people and more families adjust to life after a brain injury.

So really this is a shameless plug to try and get some pennies for a  good cause…that and once it’s out there I can’t pull out! If you do feel like supporting a great cause click here.



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