Day 70: Bex’s 70 day shred…done!

So day 70 has arrived, I can’t really believe it! Before writing my last post, I reread my first blog. I wrote the first blog for me, to motivate myself and make me accountable. I had no intentions of publishing it or making it public, but thanks to a friend I changed my mind. And I am so grateful that I did.


These were the rules I set out on day 1:

  1. Weigh myself once a week (I know this shouldn’t be important but I find it keeps me motivated)
  2. Do my measurements every 2 weeks (Because there will be weeks when I don’t shed pounds but I might drop a centimetre or so)
  3. Take photos of myself at weeks 1, 5 and 10 (I am all about the visuals)
  4. I will only allow alcohol one night a week (I did consider cutting it out altogether but again, I am normal, I like wine and margaritas, and I need this to be realistic)
  5.  Only 5 treats during the 10 weeks (Again I considered none, but we have to have some rewards, it is just about making sure they don’t spiral)
  6. I MUST exercise at least 3 times a week (This shouldn’t be too hard as I do attend regular classes)

And amazingly I stuck to every one of them…and only used 4 of my treats! Whilst I might have moaned every now and again I can honestly say it was no hardship. I ate lots of good food, exercising didn’t take over my life and now I feel awesome. So for one last time on the shred I stepped on the fat step this morning full of hope. And thankfully the fat step gave me a ‘last day of shred’ gift of 6lbs off this week! I was so gobsmacked I re weighed about 4 times to make sure. Which means in 10 weeks I have managed to shred a total of 25lbs (1st 11lbs), that’s just 3lbs off two bloody stone. I cannot believe it! And time for the final measurements:

Neck: -2cm
Chest: -7.5cm
Waist: -9cm
Hips: -7cm
Thigh (R): -4cm
Arm (R): -2.5cm

9cms off my waist…hell yeh! I also took my week 10 photos and was so pleased with the difference. It’s so nice to feel like the last 10 weeks have been totally worth it. I’ve had so much lovely feedback from everyone throughout the blog which has massively helped. Yesterday when I came through to Dundee my husband turned to me and said ‘god you look gaunt’, his backwards compliment filled me with glee. He’s a real smooth talker!


So here are some things that I learnt during the shred:

  1. Turns out I am pretty motivated when I put my mind to something…or as my Mum put it, stubborn.
  2. For someone that went to art school to avoid writing, keeping up this blog has been tough. But thankfully people kept reading and made it all worthwhile.
  3. Setting out realistic goals actually works.
  4. You don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight. I have eaten a lot of really good food over the past 10 weeks and certainly didn’t feel starved.

I haven’t cured cancer, I’m not changing the world, I don’t all of a sudden have Kate Hudson’s body but I set myself a challenge and massively exceeded my expectations for the 70 day shred. I wanted to document the highs and lows of a normal woman trying to lose a few pounds and being realistic about this and hopefully that’s what I have done. I wasn’t 100% Paleo all of the time, I occasionally ate cheese, I had the odd can of diet Irn Bru and I practiced absolutely no portion control. It wasn’t rocket science and if I can do it, anyone can. I did it for me and turns out I have made myself pretty proud.

I’m not going to lie, I actually think the next part is going to be harder, carrying on the shred without the blog, without the accountability and pressure to keep going. But I reckon I will be alright. So not to sound too preachy but if I can do this for 70 days, you can to. Stop talking about getting fit and losing some weight and just do it. Quit the excuses. No more ‘I’ve got stuff on this week, I’ll start next week’. Get off you ass, get to that fitness class you’ve been too scared to join. Put down the pizza and ready meals, buy yourself some fresh food and get cooking. It’s really not hard!


So that’s it. Thanks for reading and sticking it out with me. For the last time my lovely friends I am signing off. Over and out.

Day 70: Shred Log


Brunch – Cooked breakfast

I cooked up a pretty tasty brunch for us today. Sweet potato cakes which I made by boiling then mashing sweet potatoes. I added seasoning and some dried parsley and made them into burger type shapes before frying on both sides. We had some lovely butchers bacon, fried mushrooms, scrambled eggs (I even stretched to the good eggs) and I made some guacamole with avocado, tomato, chilli, onion and seasoning. IT was a good feed if I do say so myself!

Dinner – Burgers & sweet potato fries

After drinking quite a bit of wine last night I was in need of a good feed tonight. So I had burgers and sweet potato fries. Just what the doctor ordered. And probably a fitting last meal on the shred as it has featured A LOT!

Drinks & snacks – About 2 litres of water and a diet Irn Bru (I had to!)

Exercise – Another lovely rest day

Today’s top tip – Try not to miss me too much!


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