Day 67: Mindfulness

Don’t worry, I am not going all baggy jammy bottoms and ‘ommm’ on you. And whilst I don’t think I have a particularly stressful life, my sister told me about a new app about Mindfulness. In keeping with the healthy living plan of the shred, mindfulness is about how you can apply kindness and compassion into your life to make positive changes.

I found a really good website that explains everything and shows you how to Be Mindful. It basically explains that Mindfulness is about being in the moment and learning how to work with your mind and body and make yourself more positive and less anxious. Sounds pretty decent. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not someone that’s into the whole meditation/being at one with nature mumbo jumbo. But shred buddy is a psychologist and I know she has recommended it to a few people who find it helps with their stress. So whilst I am not under a great deal of stress (although the fact I haven’t had sausages or Irn Bru in two weeks is making me anxious), I thought I would try it out.


Apparently mindfulness helps you gain all sorts of positive side effects:

  • Increased happiness & good feeling
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Healthier heart
  • More positive interaction and relationships
  • Reduced stress, anxiety and depression

I learnt all of this from the Stop, Breathe and Think app, which you can download for free on the Apple app store. The app is well design and has nice little drawings. It is pretty succinct in telling you what and how to do it. I have tried out a few of these and they are pretty relaxing. None of them are particularly long and last night I listened to the full body scan session and had the most amazing nights sleep. I know this might be a coincidence but hey maybe it actually works. Tonight I tried out the kindness meditation. It is only 6 minutes but it encourages you to switch off and think about someone you love who inspires you to be kind, someone you feel neutral too and someone you view negatively. And it makes you think about them and wish them lots of kindness in their lives.

If nothing else I find it is a really nice way to relax when I come home at night after a busy day of work and then a brutal evening of exercise. It will relax you and settle you in for the evening, whilst making you think about things that you take for granted. So go forth my friends…be positive!

Day 67: Shred Log


Breakfast – Omelette

This morning I reheated the other half of the omelette I had on Tuesday. It had 4 eggs, spring onions, tomatoes, jalepenos and salami in it.

Lunch – Cajun chicken salad

Another repeat of Tuesday’s meal. I grilled the chicken breast with some cajun spice, paprika and chilli powder rubbed on it. And had it on top of a rocket, cucumber, tomato and red onion salad with added jalepenos. The dressing was made from olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic and seasoning.

Dinner – Turkey burgers, sweet potato mash & roasted red peppers

The final helping off this tasty dish of the week. It was such a good dinner and so easy to make. It was also nice and filling which is pretty handy when you aren’t going to be eating for another 16 hours.

Drinks & snacks – About 3 litres of water

Exercise – 45 minutes of bootcamp….in daylight which was nice

Today’s top tip – Leave your ironing to pile up to an outrageous amount, then when it takes all night to do it, you won’t be thinking about the fact you aren’t eating dinner!


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