Day 66: Woman Crush Wednesday

Hump day is upon us, even though I thought it was Thursday…bad times! And with Wednesday comes #WCW and it took me probably too long to figure out what that stood for. Woman Crush Wednesday!

26f0d566e312e1bd9def1831266b8455Pre shred Bex right there!

My first WCW comes in the form of the absolutely hilarious Melissa McCarthy, ‘what’s the matter with that pant suit’…gets me every time! I have loved this woman since her early days in Stars Hollow as Sookie St James. She is amazing…and she is overweight. We hear al time about how people stop eating and make themselves sick because that’s how you make it in Hollywood. Not true. This lady is amazing, she’s hilarious and knocks every part out of the park and do we care about her size? No! Yet she recently turned up at the Ghostbusters premier looking absolutely amazing. And here’s her tip on how to do it:

“No trick, nothing to tell — just [a] super boring life.” “You bring it real down, you don’t do anything fun and you go to bed at 7:30 — that’s the trick.”


Next up Demi Lovato. What a woman. By 22 she went through more than most and was a total victim to Hollywood and the pressures that people put on girls from a young age. For someone who was NEVER fat or overweight, in fact most women would have killed for her figure, she was driven to bulimia, addiction and in rehab by 22. At 105lbs she covered up because she felt she was fat. That’s 7.5 stone. But now, she is healthy, confident and totally kicking ass. She has learnt to love herself and even called her tour ‘Really don’t Care’. She looks so hot but still has the most amazing curves! And how did she do it…just healthy eating and exercise…a pretty innovative idea huh?! Some wise words from Demi, that we should all live by:

“I used to hold my freak back
Now I’m letting go
I make my own choice
Bitch, I run this show”


Next up, the woman who I imagine will play me when they make a film about Bex’s 70 day shred. We will probs need to brainstorm a catchier title for the billboards. Jennifer Lawrence is quite a woman. She herself said that “in Hollywood, I’m obese. I’m considered a fat actress.” Hollywood needs to take a long hard look at itself! J Law famously talked about that dress she needed to squeeze into for the Oscars and how she didn’t eat for weeks, so she would be celebrating by eating cheeseburgers. A woman after my own heart.

However now, her secret to being everyone’s WCW is that “it’s all about balance”. Sure she eats healthy and she has lots of money to pay a personal trainer to keep her in shape, but she still eats cheeseburgers…because we are all human! Plus she is Katniss Everdeen and she kicks ass. I like to wear my yoga mat over my shoulder like a bow and arrow and pretend I am half as cool as Katniss Everdeen…overshare? Oops!


And finally to a woman who sticks two fingers up to Hollywood and their ridiculous expectations of women, Rebel Wilson. She says of her weight “I just like being who I am. No pressure could change that.” And to her I say, you go girl! She quite frankly doesn’t give a sh*t what people say about her weight. And actually puts her success down to her size and the fact that bigger girls do better in comedy. Funny that isn’t it? Like we associate being overweight with being funny. It’s not funny. She is comfortable in her own skin and she won’t change for anyone!


So stay strong my friends. Shred because YOU want to shred. No one suggested I was overweight, my husband doesn’t care what size I am. In fact I was probably at my largest when we met and for that he is perfect. I am losing weight the healthy way, I eat, I exercise and I push myself but I get some pretty awesome rewards by feeling amazing as a result. Wearing jeans a size smaller, some of my clothes getting too baggy, and I have so much more energy. So do it for your own reasons. And absolutely do not moan about your weight and then sit on your arse every night. No one else is going to shred the fat of for you. Get up and get moving……NOW! And…


Day 66: Shred Log

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 21.51.22.png

Breakfast – Banana Nut Porridge

It would be the last week of shred without it this bad boy. Although today I had with with a pear that I chopped up…seriously underwhelming!

Lunch – Turkey burgers, sweet potato mash & roasted red peppers

Thanks to Sunday’s bulk cooking I have this tasty dish again. I even made an extra portion for shred buddy which I can smell her cooking in the kitchen. It’s really best to be alone when you fast in the evening so you don’t have to drool over someone elses dinner.

Dinner – Chilli & cauli rice

As I needed to make space for all that Muscle Food meat, I took this one out of the freezer. It had kidney beans which are technically a no no, btu I am ok with that. I had it with some mediteranean cauli rice.

Drinks & snacks – About 3 litres of water and a bootea

Exercise – 50 minutes of very sweaty Insanity

Today’s top tip – Don’t forget that you made your Bootea and then drink it cold…you will boke!


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