Day 65: Tuesday tribute to Piyo

I write today’s blog with a tinge of sadness after attending the last Tuesday Piyo class. Sadly the early class time has caused an untimely Piyo death and as the numbers didn’t pick up it has gone…until Saturday. Poor Piyo does have the most awkward slots, early at 6pm on a Tuesday and then 9am on a Saturday. And unless the numbers pick up for Saturday it will have to stop then too. So have a read of the blog I wrote about it, and get your ass down to Fitness Soul on Saturday and give it a go!

So it was only fitting that we paid tribute to Piyo tonight by….not doing any Piyo! When I first started going to classes, I went, I sweat a lot, and then I left. I wasn’t particularly bothered about chatting to people because quite frankly I had dragged myself there half heartedly and I just wanted to get home to my sofa. Now when I go to classes, we all have a good chat, a bit of a laugh and then get on with the sweaty, brutal part!

I honestly can’t recommend Beach Fit bootcamp any more. Whilst I still don’t get overly excited about exercising. It’s nice to see the usual faces and it’s just become part of my weekly routine. We did eventually do a bit of exercise (and trust me this is not the norm, you will get your moneys worth) but not a lot. Getting started is the hardest part but there is classes for everyone and ALL fitness levels can do ALL of the classes. Sarah is great and helping you do what you can whilst pushing you to feel like you’re getting better each week.

Check out the timetable and details of all the classes on her website but the classes are as follows:

Monday – Insanity
Wednesday – Insanity
Thursday – Bootcamp
Saturday – Piyo

As is only fitting I wore my other fancy new jazzy top so that we could see Tuesday Piyo off in style, shred buddy even put on her best ballet pumps!

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 20.40.13There is no way I would have put this top on 10 weeks ago….thanks shred!

Day 65: Shred Log

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 20.57.14.png

Breakfast – Omelette

This morning I had half an omelette that I made on Sunday. Spring onions, tomatoes, jalepenos, salami, 4 eggs and seasoning. All cooked up in coconut oil and reheated in the microwave at work.

Lunch – Cajun chicken salad

Thanks to my mahoosive meat delivery yesterday I grilled some chicken breasts which I rubbed with some seasoning, cajun spice, paprika and chilli powder. I cut it up and put it over a rocket salad with cucumber, red onion, tomatoes and some jalepenos. I also made a dressing with some garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Dinner – Turkey burgers, roasted red pepper & sweet potato mash

I made all of this up on Sunday. Turkey burgers were made with turkey mince, grated carrot, ginger, spring onion and seasoning. Then I roasted the peppers in coconut oil and made some sweet potato mash, such a good tea, even if I did have it at 4.45pm!

Drinks & snacks – About 3 litres of water

Exercise – A Piyo class….with limited Piyo

Today’s top tip – If you are reheated a omelette, don’t forget about it in the microwave or it will go like rubber!


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