Day 64: Little Victories

Monday has reared its ugly, ugly head again. Is there anyone out there that likes Monday…be gone you horrible day! So to get through to the end of Monday, I strung together a series of little victories. Everyone’s days should be filled with little victories. Find cheer in small things…it helps. Here is how easily pleased I am:

Little Victory no. 1
I woke up this morning full of final shred week joy! Joy that people no longer feel like they have to read the blog, joy that I don’t have to quiz my husband on the content to see if he’s lying about reading it, joy that I can maybe drink more than one day a week. But most importantly joy that I actually made it to week 10….I didn’t see this coming!

Little Victory no. 2
I managed to get parked on my favourite street this morning!

Little Victory no. 3
I got delivery of my Black Friday meat deal from Muscle Food. I ordered this last week as I was a bit low on freezer stock. I got all of this for £50 instead of £112! I get weirdly excited counting out the insane number of chicken breasts…22 bloody chicken breasts. You just can’t argue with that sort of value!


Little Victory no. 4
Receiving the most amazing picture of the most adorable member of our family, excluding myself obvs! If this little lady can get her fruit fix at 5 days old, what is your excuse?! Put down the crisps and eat an apple!


Little Victory no. 5
I always fear Monday Insanity the most, it’s always the one that I risk cancelling because it’s Monday and I cannot be pooped to go! But tonight I had a jazzy new top in my rucker and I was not going to let it waste away in there! I got my jazzy top on and popped right on down to Insanity…where hell ensued!


Little Victory no. 6
Shred buddy couldn’t make it to Insanity after having to stay at work late. I know what you’re thinking, she missed out on the jazzy top! Instead this little guy became my Insanity shred buddy. Remember his little face from early shred days? He’s a good guy!

shred buddy.jpg

Little Victory no.7
Panic not, I picked up shred buddy after Insanity for a quick sun bed and she got to see the jazzy top! However we also popped to Morrison’s for her to get some food. Fairly sure we conned the self checkout when she got a pineapple bigger than both our heads for 79p…sh*t just got real!

So there you go. That’s how I got through Monday, with a string of little victories. These might seem minor to you, but I get weirdly excited about the arrival of 22 chicken breasts and good value pineapples. If you’ve been reading for 64 days, you’ve probably guessed that I am a total fruit loop. But hey, what a day to be alive!

Day 64: Shred Log


Breakfast – Banana Nut Porridge

I wouldn’t be the shred without what must be the most repeated meal of the 10 weeks. Raspberries have become my favourite addition so I added them today and heated this up at work. Back to intermittent fasting again now that it’s Monday, so I had this at 9am when I got into the office. I also had a ‘Glow’ juice from The Health & Beauty Juicery, which we got free on Saturday. This one was beetroot, carrot, apple, ginger and lemon.

Lunch – Pesto Chicken

I pulled this one from the freezer for today, mainly to make way for the ridiculous amount of meat I had delivered today from Muscle Food. My sister made this up a while ago. It is chicken, pesto, spring onions, bacon and peppers all slow cooked and delicious!

Dinner – Bolognese and broccoli

I had this about 4.45pm before my 8 hours was up for the day. Another one taken from the freezer which I had with some leftover broccoli from my Mum’s last night.

Drinks & snacks – About 3 litres of water, a berocca and a Bootea

Exercise – 50 minutes of Insanity in my lovely new Lululemon top!

Today’s top tip – Think about freezer space before you buy a whole farm worth of food, or you will spend your evening playing a weird freezer/meat tetris with no reward other than fresh meat.


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