Day 63: The Final Furlong

Just like those horses yesterday, the finish line is in sight and I am just praying I don’t pull up on the the final furlong aka you don’t find me face down in a carb comma surrounded by Monster Munch, chippys and Macaroni Cheese. I realise you think I am joking…I’m not! This could actually happen!

Just like every other Sunday I did my food plan, took a trip to Aldi, franticly packed my bag as the lady threw everything at me, and then came home and prepped the food for the week. And on the menu this week….f*@king legends!

download (1).jpeg

Hopefully this time next week I will still be doing the same level of prep. The fear has started to build a little bit for what the end of the shred is going to bring…hopefully not pre shred Bex. I need to start thinking about my exit strategy for sure. Just like tonight’s incredible tense game of Jenga, I am hoping it doesn’t all come crashing down!


But for now I am just absolutely amazed that I have made it to this point. Week 1 was easy until I realised there was another 9 to go. So the meals are prepped, the exercise classes are booked, bring on week 10…lets do this!!!


Day 63: Shred Log

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 22.12.39

Breakfast – Scrambled eggs & bacon

This was more like brunch by the time we had it. But my lovely husband cooked us some scrambled eggs with parsley, bacon nice and crispy and some guacamole. I added a bit of hot sauce which technically isn’t Paleo but I am alright with that.

Lunch – Fruit

As I had breakfast quite late I just chopped up a banana and an apple with a bit of lime juice and ate this while I prepped my food for the week.

Dinner – Asparagus chicken wrapped in parma ham with broccoli

I went to my Mum’s for dinner and they were having one of my all time faves, Chicken Divan. Sadly there are too many non Paleo things in it. So she made me something else. It was very tasty, even if it was ready 20 minutes after everyone else’s.

Drinks & snacks – About 3 litres of water and a berocca

Exercise – A very stiff rest day

Today’s top tip – Don’t play Jenga with your two very clumsy little cousins, it is terrifying!


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