Day 62: T.H.E tri

I like the idea of doing something every day that scares you! And today was definitely a sh*t scared situation. A couple of months ago PT Sarah convinced shred buddy and me to sign up to this event…it was free. At the time we thought that seemed like a good idea…and then the event got closer. On Thursday (because I was in denial until then) I text shred buddy to ask if we were really going through with this and for some reason we decided that we were.

T.H.E tri aka Train Hard Everyday was described today as the urban triathlon. We started out with a sweaty spin class at Pedal House, followed by a cross fit session at MTS, then a uphill run to Lululemon on George Street where we took part in a yoga class. Now whilst I have built up a fairly decent level of fitness, I knew this was 100% going to be a challenge, one that I wasn’t sure I could do. Even more so when we turned up at 8.30am this morning to find ourselves in a room with a lot of VERY fit looking people. Our nerves were momentarily lifted when we got given a free Lululemon top which we later found out in the shop was a whopping £52…attendance was worth it just for that!

We started off with the spin class at Pedal House. I used to do the odd spin class when I pretended to gym and always quite liked it, so I was looking forward to this part…my enthusiasm disappeared in a pile of sweat 5 minutes in…it was rough, probably the toughest part of the day. I have never sweat like I did in that room, it felt like we were exercising in a green house, thank god they provided towels. It was very high energy and certainly got the heart rate up. The venue is really cool, dimmed lighting, well decorated and pretty cool but I didn’t really care about that when I hoped off the bike and my legs turned to jelly….this was only round 1! Unlike Ant and Dec, we forgot to stand the same way around. Here is a before and after to give you an idea of our post spin state:

After just a few minutes recovery time and quick change out of my disgustingly sweaty clothes we moved onto MTS and the cross fit part of the day. Even though shred buddy didn’t realise that this is what we do every week in PT, we felt much more at home in this session. Burpees…no bother! In groups of 3 we had to do the following:

100 calorie row
80 wall balls
60 KB swings
40 burpee box jumps
300m relay run

And at all times, one member of the team had to be carrying a 15kg weight that couldn’t touch the floor until the end. After a warm up and some stretches we had 25 minutes to complete this. I enjoyed this session, although I forgot how much I hate rowing machines. Shred buddy and I were split up into different groups but both lucked out with joining some lovely ladies and we all helped each other through.

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 21.45.45.png

So by now, as you can imagine we were pretty pooped! But no rest…time for a run from Bonnington Road up to George Street (which for those who don’t know is all uphill). There were three groups that set off, the crazy keen folks who were running in a very non direct route, a mid pace ground and then the final group which was sold to me as a walking group. Hence my confusion when we set off running, ‘eh this doesn’t feel like a walk to me’. Even we didn’t take a direct route but they did allow us to stop and walk a few times….thank god.

Mid and post run selfies!

We made it in one piece and were ready for the last challenge, a yoga class at Lululemon. Things always get better when there is free stuff involved. I quickly wolfed down a free Nakd bar (don’t be fooled, these do not taste good), kicked off my shoes and socks and settled in for the best stretch of my life. I loved the yoga class. AND one of the things on my list of to dos before I turn 30 was yoga….check! Whilst I sit here on the sofa in some serious pain and stiffening up by the minute, the stretching felt amazing…even though shred buddy struggled to stick to her own mat! And then we were done…4.5 hours later, feeling, tired broken and done!

I can’t believe we almost cancelled. Shred buddy and I pushed ourselves to the max and came out proud…whilst also wondering what the hell we have become! 9 weeks ago, at the beginning of the shred, there is no way I would have been able to do this. But with the right eating, the right energy and the regular classes that we’ve done, we did it and came out alive and personally I felt like a total winner. And I couldn’t have done it without shred buddy at my side…you go SB!


Train Hard Everyday – training doesn’t have to be doing a urban triathlon. The way I see it, making healthy choices is training, eating better is training, going for a walk with the dog is training. Whatever challenges you, do it…the feeling you get afterwards is one of serious smugness and pretty awesome! Do something every day that scares you!

Day 62: Shred Log


Breakfast – Banana Nut Porridge

I shovelled this down my throat before heading off for the big event. I really should have got up earlier to eat but I am never sacrificing time in bed for anything! Heated it through with raspberries.

Lunch – The Ultimate burger & sweet potato fries

No fasting at the weekend because it’s harder to stick within the 8 hours when your are out and about. I was absolutely starving when I got home but I faffed about a lot getting showered and ready and putting on my Grand National bets. But eventually husband, dog and I went to Hector’s pub in Stockbridge for some food. I got the ultimate burger which was 2 burgers (no bun…obvs) as I figured I had earned it. I had it with sweet potato fries (£1 extra for the healthy option as it is an upgrade apparently) and it was soooooo good! I was even good and just had a soda water with fresh lime.

Dinner – Nuts

Lunch was so late that we didn’t need dinner so I just had some nuts while watching TV.

Drinks & snacks – A LOT of water, 2 soda waters, a free Nakd bar and some healthy energy balls that the nice yoga lady made.

Exercise – As above

Today’s top tip – Try not to talk too loudly in the pub about your sore bum thanks to the majorly uncomfortably spin bikes!


5 thoughts on “Day 62: T.H.E tri

  1. Well done ladies! It sounds pretty difficult and scary, but you guys did awesome! I ran 10 miles on Wednesday- that’s the furthest I’ve ever ran. Before it, I thought no way will I manage 10, I was worried when I got to 5 and thought crap I’ve still the same again to run. But I did it (not fast or looking like an athlete or anything) and it made me feel great. I’m glad I tried cause even if I had only managed 5 miles or 1 mile, that’s still more than I’d have done if I stayed home thinking about not being able to do it. My friend Alex at running club always says, it’s all miles on the legs, pennies in the bank- it all adds up X

      1. Thanks Bex! When I first started I couldn’t run the length of myself but I’ve slooooowly built it up. Running club is helping me improve the most. I couldn’t have done what you guys did today. You guys are doing amazing! X

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