Day 61: Weigh in day

It’s Friiiiiiidaaaaaaayy! Is there any better feeling than waking up and realising it is Friday and the last working day of the week? I think this perfectly sums it up (even though I don’t wear ties):


Today I got to go and meet the loveliest little wonder woman and my sister made a very good point. Is it any wonder women are obsessed with weight when the first thing that happens when we come into the world is get weighed! I hope little Miss Hadden never feels anything other than the fact that she is perfect, and powerful and in the words of Katy Perry she is a champion and you’re gonna hear her roar!

Baby’s first fist bumb!

Day 5 of fasting is over and I can honestly say that unlike Ron Burgundy, it was no big deal! I thought it would be unbearable and tough but actually it was easy and effective. And here are my thoughts:

  • Not having to go home and cook dinner after an exercise class
  • I woke up each day feeling pretty good and in no way bloated. When I read about this it was called ‘physical lightness’. I like that
  • Increased energy levels
  • When you eat every 3-4 hours you are just eating because it’s lunch time or dinner time. Fasting regulates your hormones and makes you feel what true hunger is, which stops overeating


  • By not cooking dinner at night I ended up in dangerous online shopping territory…in one evening I managed to spend £100 on new trainers and a box of meat…as you do!

The pros far out weigh the cons. And the biggest benefit of all was when the fat step told me I had lost 2 lbs this week. So clearly it was what I needed to give the old weight loss a bit of a reboot! That takes me to 17lbs (1 st 3 lbs) in just 9 weeks. Not too shabby!

P.S. This may be my last blog post as I will most likely die from exercise tomorrow!

Day 61: Shred Log

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 22.26.15.png

Breakfast – Meatballs and broccoli

Today is the last portions of all my bulk cooking efforts. I won’t life, I will be glad to eat something different tomorrow, but it has been so easy. I heated this up and wolfed down quickly before a 9.30 meeting.

Lunch – Coronation chicken salad with crispy bacon

I never get fed up with this salad, it is so good. It was made even better by being one of the lucky ones to secure one of the two sacred forks in the office! Who steals forks?!?!

Dinner – Devil’s Curry

I will definitely be making this again but with a bit more seasoning and more chillis, it is so tasty. I forgot my cauli rice today though, luckily the portion was pretty big so I didn’t miss it.

Drinks & snacks – About 3 litres of water

Exercise – Rest day

Today’s top tip – Don’t eat garlicy meatballs for breakfast and then go to a meeting…you will be conscious of your potent breath!


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