Day 60: Three square meals

Something that you might have gathered about me so far is that I LOVE food. So when finding ways to get healthy, not eating is not an option! Yes I will try different things but skipping meals just doesn’t fly! There are plenty of fad diets out there, the juice diet, soup diet, nil by mouth diet and the worst one that I found on google, the five bit diet. It is as it sounds you can only eat 5 mouthfuls of whatever you are having…no, just no! Wait I found a worse one, the cotton wool diet, where you soak cotton wool in orange juice and eat it…people are f*@king mental!


This might seem a bit rich from someone following a Paleo diet AND intermittent fasting, but you’d be wrong my good friend. There is nothing unhealthy about what I am doing. I eat 3 square meals a day (currently within 8 hours) but I’m not snacking. My breakfast and lunch might look sizeable but I’m losing weight. Through the whole of this shred I have practiced absolutely no portion control. Yes this might have lead to me losing more weight, but 15lb lost in 8 weeks with plenty of food…I’ll take that.

It is a common misconception that you will get skinny by not eating. You might, but you will also pass out at some point and find yourself face down in your own shame…ain’t nothing fun about that! It can actually be detrimental to eat too little. Eating too little leads to snacking or binge eating. There is no need to deprive yourself. And if you are exercising you need plenty of fuel to get the most out of it.

Taking a tablet instead of a meal, or drinking warm water with cinnamon instead of filling a plate of food is not sustainable. You might squeeze into that dress at the weekend, but trust me, you will be stuffing your face with chips on the way home and anything else you can get your hands on. It makes no sense.

Yes I will be less strict when this is over (drinking just one day a week is killing me) but I will maintain the diet. I might eat some bread or some chips at the weekend, but I will carry on making more healthy choices because right now I feel so much better. I have more energy, more confidence, and my clothes are a size smaller…why would I want to back?! So be realistic. Make healthy changes for good….and not just for a week before you go on holiday and want to squeeze into a bikini!

Day 60: Shred Log

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 22.00.30.png

Breakfast – Omelette

I made this up last night and brought half of it to work for breakfast. I added spring onions, tomatoes, jalepenos, salami and  3 leftover meatballs which I cut up and poured four eggs on top.

Lunch – Coronation chicken salad with crispy bacon

This old fave again. Bulk cooking can be pretty repetitive for the week but it is just too easy to argue with. I had this at about 12.30 seeing as dinner would be 4.30.

Dinner – Beef stirfry

Final portion of this at 4.30pm as my last meal before 16 hours of fasting. Kind of glad this one is done because I over cooked the beef….bad times!

Drinks & snacks – 3 litres of water and a Bootea

Exercise – Rest day due to too much rain for PT

Today’s top tip – Totally unrelated to shred but if you have any old clothes, even just a carrier bag worth. Take it to H&M and you can get a £5 off voucher…it just makes good sense people!


2 thoughts on “Day 60: Three square meals

  1. What’s your exit strategy? I’m really enjoying the blog Bex! I don’t want it to just end, maybe you could drop down to weekly updates then monthly?! or at least keep posting the motivational and photoshopped pics on Instagram, those are great! Hope the last leg of the shred goes well! Xx

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