Day 59: Treat Yo Self!

Tonight ‘I have 3 words for you, treat. yo. self’! If you don’t know what I am talking about you need to start watching Parks & Recreation you fools! Doing the shred, losing weight and shedding centimetres has made me feel great and given me more confidence. But amongst all the exercise and the food prep you need to treat yourself every now again. It doesn’t have to all be doom and gloom.

Treat-yo-selfDon’t believe me? Let Donna and Tom convince you and click here.

Previously I would probably have treated myself with food. After Wednesday night Weight Watchers weigh ins, I would treat myself a dinner of whatever I wanted. Food was my usual go to. Now instead I treat myself to other things. This week I bought myself some lovely new Nike trainer’s in the sale, when I reached my first target my reward was my delightful Sweaty Betty jacket and now I am contemplating treating myself to some semi permanent eyelashes when the shred ends. It’s all about glittering that turd people!

It is important to do little things to make you feel good. This might sound stupid but I have started moisturising every day, doing the odd bit of fake tanning, painting my nails. Now that I am looked and feeling better, I feel like I am just adding a little bit of delicious butter cream icing on top….oh and the sprinkles can be the shiny new carbon monoxide detector I ordered today….yeh, that’s too far right?

3ppphsThis was me last night!

I also went for a wee sunbed after Insanity tonight. Now before you judge me, I know the dangers and I don’t use them very often but I do enjoy the odd sesh. 1. I find that it clears up my skin and helps my nails grow well and 2. I always feel trimmer with a bit of a tan. Each to their own and I am not suggesting you do the same. But when you are working your ass off and sticking to a healthy lifestyle, feel proud and most importantly make Donna and Tom proud and Treat. Yo. Self!

Day 59: Shred Log


Breakfast – Meatballs and broccoli

Just your average breakfast of broccoli ad meatballs, wolfed down in minutes before a meeting. You might get strange looks when you start to change breakfast foods!

Lunch – Stirfry

Another portion of beef stirfry for lunch which I ate at 12.30, a bit earlier than usual because of the fast.

Dinner – Devil’s curry and cauli rice

I ate this just before 5pm as my last meal of the day. It’s a really good curry and I had it with the second half of the pack of cauli rice from Monday.

Drinks & snacks – About 3 litres of water

Exercise – 50 minutes of Insanity

Today’s top tip – If you’ve forgotten your towel for Insanity, turn round and go home….unless you have a lovely sister to bring you one.


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