Day 55: Under the weather

Today, rather than waking up full of the weekend joys, I woke up ill! A headache, sore throat, full of the cold and feeling very sorry for myself. After an extended lie in watching The Good Wife I got myself and made some breakfast. I made a green juice to fill me with healthy things and a couple of sausages I had leftover in the fridge. My next thought….dinner.

Thanks to the cold I decided I was going to use up my last treat, screw the shred and get a takeaway. It is amazing how 54 days of hard work can be forgotten when your mind is on a sausage supper. Instead, my lovely husband went out and bought a bunch of stuff to cook us up a delicious and more importantly diet friendly dinner. It tasted better than any takeaway could have (benefits to marrying an ex chef) and probably cost about half as much.

When I was younger one of the benefits to being ill, other than getting to stay off school, was the fizzy orange Lucozade that Mum would always buy us. We weren’t allowed it any other time but it tasted so good. I have always been a firm believer of the old ‘feed a cold’ idea. I guess that means you absolutely have to eat Monster Munch and Domino’s right? That’s my usual approach anyway.


Thanks to Ron’s advice, I manned up, stuck it out and still got to fill my face with delicious food. Here are my top tips on how to survive a cold on a diet:

  1. Eat plenty oranges for Vitamin C.
  2. Make sure you have someone to run around after you. This will also help in stopping you from walking to Scotmid for Monster Munch. When you are alone it is so much easier to cheat.
  3. Get lots of protein (ideal on Paleo) as it helps your immune system. Lots of meat and veg.
  4. Avoid temptation to eat carbs. Having a cold is enough, you don’t need to feel bloated too.
  5. Drink plenty of water to stave off the headaches.
  6. Also buy a box of tissues, wandering out with toilet roll just aint classy!

So whilst I might be feeling sorry for myself, at least I am not adding bad food guilt to it. Think before you dial Domino’s my friends. It is just a cold, it’ll last a few days, but the result of that pizza will last a lot longer!

Day 55: Shred Log

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 21.48.37.png

Breakfast – Sleep

I slept late and didn’t eat until about 12.30 so I guess it was lunch.

Lunch -Green juice & 2 sausages

I made a green juice with pineapple, spinach, cucumber, lemon and lime juice, and some chia seeds. I also reheated a couple of sausages.

Dinner – Lamb chops, broccoli, roast veg and sweet potato chips

My lovely husband cooked this up for us. He marinated the lamb in olive oil, basil and garlic and then grilled it. We had it will broccoli, roast peppers and onions and sweet potato chips. It was absolutely delicious and there was a mound of food which made up for my lack of a third meal today.

Drinks & snacks – Approx 2 litres of water, a berocca, a diet Irn Bru and some wine

Exercise – Another rest day

Today’s top tip -‘Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing!’ Wise words from Ron Swanson

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 21.48.37.png


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