Day 54: Weigh in day

Today brings with it another Fat step Friday. With just over 2 weeks to go I was hoping for a good loss in either my weight or the measurements but alas that was not the case. I have stayed the same and my measurement changes were not significant. Here are my new totals:

Neck: -1cm
Chest: -5.5cm
Waist: -5cm
Hips: -5cm
Thigh (R): -1.5cm
Arm (R): -2cm*

Now whilst I know I shouldn’t complain, at least I didn’t gain weight and I have still lost a further centimetre off my chest, waist and arm, I am still feeling a bit flat about it. It feels like I haven’t progressed much in the past few weeks, so out of curiosity I tracked my progress:

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 13.44.58

When you see it across the full 8 weeks so far, it looks pretty good. I have decided that instead of being down in the dumps about this weeks lack of shredding, I am going to plan how to crank it up for my final 2 weeks…but more on that later (just for you Sarah). We can’t be awesome all the time but when we aren’t, don’t let it take to you to McDonald’s, just make a plan to be even more awesome next time.


*Please remember these can’t ever be 100% accurate as I might measure a slightly different spot each time.

Day 54: Shred Log

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 02.31.36.png

Breakfast – 2 x sausages

I had a packet of sausages in the fridge that needed used up so cooked them up last night and reheated two of them for breakfast this morning.

Lunch – M&S Salad and a bag of M&S sour cream sweet potato crisps

I had to nip to M&S last night so I picked up some lunch for today. My go to Super Nutty salad plus a bag of their sour cream sweet potato crisps. Friday’s would normally be about having a treat for lunch, like a giant wrap from the local deli. So this is my attempt at a treat Friday lunch.

Dinner – Sausage casserole, veg and salad

I went to my friends house for dinner tonight and she made a lovely sausage casserole that was cooked in olive oil and balsamic vinegar with roasted tomatoes, green beans and corn and salad leaves. It was absolutely delicious! I even tried to use my salad leaves as spoons to scoop up the delicious sauce! Amazingly I also managed to restrain myself from drinking, which with these friends is quite a feat….trust me!

Drinks & snacks – Approx 3 litres of water and a Bootea

Exercise – Another rest day

Today’s top tip – Don’t leave writing your blog until you get home at 2am!


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