Day 52: Bex The Badger

Last night I went to see Eddie the Eagle at the cinema with my little sister. The film is about a young boy with a dream to be an Olympian. He’s pretty rubbish at sport, has bad knees, glasses and basically no chance. What he does have is a determination to get there. To get it done and have his ‘moment’. So when I was looking for an idea for tonight’s blog, my sister suggested this. She did also suggest that I call the blog Bex The Badger, so I googled badgers and got this description:

Badgers have rather short, fat bodies, with short legs for digging. They have elongated weasel-like heads with small ears.

Whilst this description is fairly spot on, I actually have quite big ears, so there! The film was almost an exact replica of my all time favourite…Cool Runnings! From the mean coach, to the extended Olympic targets, to the Dad who doesn’t believe in his son’s dreams.


It is safe to say I know every single word in Cool Runnings. I have loved it, ever since Santa brought me it on VHS in 1994! I freaking love an underdog movie. I love the little guy rising up and air punching the shit out of life. Just because you can’t do something, or you’re not very good at it. Doesn’t mean you should give up!

I am not good at sports, I can’t throw a ball very far, I am a terrible swimmer and at sports day I usually got the ‘I took part’ sticker…but wore it with pride. Who cares, I don’t find myself in too many ball throwing situations in life. What I can do, is turn up and sweat my ass off in Insanity twice a week, I can downward dog with the best of them in Piyo and ass to grass squat and overhead press an Olympic weights bar…so screw your gold medals. Maybe if there was an Olympic medal for hatred towards burpees…I’d win it!

Eating healthy doesn’t come naturally to me, I am not desperate for a salad or keen to channel my inner bird and snack on some seeds. I will ALWAYS choose a burger and chips over a plate of veg. Yes I have been a yoyo dieter, I’ve stepped on those scales and wanted to smash them off the wall. But I don’t…because I, like Junior, am a bad ass mother who won’t take no crap off of nobody!


Even if you are last in the local park 5k, the slowest in your bootcamp circuits, the only one to gain weight at your Weight Watcher’s meeting, who cares! Keep going. Be the underdog. You are doing better than everyone sitting on the sofa! So rise and shine…it’s butt whipping time!

Day 52: Shred Log


Breakfast – Banana Nut Porridge

Banana Nut Porridge joy is spreading…got another text today from someone giving it a try! I had the 2nd portion out of this but today I had it with grapes (added post micro).

Lunch – Leftover chicken, veg and leeks

Last night I cooked up an extra chicken breast and had it for lunch, with the remaining leeks and roast veg from Sunday.

Dinner – Butter Chicken and pilau Cauli rice

Last night I made up a batch of butter chicken. I always try to make things at least the night before so the the flavours are stronger the next day. It was a really good recipe. I put a can of coconut milk in the fridge and then once hardened I drained the liquid and used the cream part for the marinade. I had it with Cauli rice which was really good and so easy. I hadn’t tried it before and I love the idea of cauliflower rice, but don’t like the flavour of it and it is a pain in the ass to make. So this Cauli rice is amazing. It comes in different flavours, so the pilau one I had tonight just tasted of spices and not cauliflower, score! Plus it is in a packet which means I didn’t have to climb up the cupboard, get the blender down, wash all the bits….you get the point!

Drinks & snacks – About 2 litres of water

Exercise – Rest day (Insanity was cancelled)

Today’s top tip – Make the most of cancelled exercise, don’t feel guilty. Put on your PJs and watch TV…that’s an order!


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