Day 51: Paleo Myths

We might have reached THAT day again but I have found myself in a good mood today. It is amazing how something as simple as driving home at 6.30pm and it being light, just makes life seem a smidge better.

When I was planning my meals for this week I cam across an interesting article about Paleo Myths. There are so many different diets out there and I have tried a few of them. I’m pretty sure everyone thinks theirs is the best, but I genuinely believe that everyone should at least try Paleo for a week or two. Have a read of the article but here are my comments on their points:

Myth 1: The Paleo diet is just another ‘Low Carbohydrate diet’.

Technically yes, but equally I have tried another version of a low carb diet which I found too restrictive. I couldn’t have fruit or sweet potato, two things that you’ll notice have featured a lot in my meals. Also, whilst I might moan about being on a diet, they meals I have had have been pretty damn good.

Myth 2: Giving up dairy in the Paleo diet means I will not get enough calcium.

Nope. Lots of other foods will give you your dairy fix. I also still eat the odd bit of cheese, which I have read up about and some Paleo dieters still eat it. Some don’t. As long as I am still making healthy choices, I am alright about eating the odd bit of cheese.

Myth 3:The Paleo diet is all about the Protein, which is bad for your kidneys.

Again not true and weird to worry about your kidneys when eating takeaways and junk food is not making you healthy. Meat and veg are not going to hurt you, trust me.

Myth 4: Eating too many eggs means my cholesterol will be raised.

I heard this a lot but look at Rocky! He’s getting up all those steps without a cholesterol problem in sight! Plus where would we be without omelettes and scrambled eggs! Just don’t eat them for every meal or you will get the egg boke.

Myth 5: The Paleo diet is expensive to follow.

I think we’ve established from how much of a cheapskate I am that this not true. A Saturday night in watching X Factor and eating Dominos can set you back like £20-25. I can do a food shop for a week with about £40. I have saved so much money since I cut down to alcohol one night a week, started bulk cooking and meal planning.


Myth 6: I have to give up all my favorite foods; including bread, pancakes and waffles.


Yes I can’t have a chippy, and yes I miss my Monster Munch but actually I find Paleo can feel quite decadent at times. I’ve started eating alot more steak and let’s face it, that’s pretty damn fancy! I have also found a couple of sweet Paleo recipes that I am going to try out:

Cookie Dough Bites

Samoa Brownies

And I recommend Nom Nom Paleo’s Liar bars too.

Myth 7: I will have to spend hours in the kitchen preparing food.

You will have to spend some time in the kitchen, and not on the sofa eating out of takeaway tubs. I prefer to take the hit on a Sunday or Monday night and spend a while int he kitchen cooking everything for the week, and then every other night all I have to do is reheat. Equally throwing some leaves, tomatoes and cucumber in a box for a salad, really won’t take you too long!

Day 51: Shred Log

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 23.58.06.png

Breakfast – Banana Nut Porridge

It’s safe to say that I will make this at least once a week as it gives me two breakfasts and is so easy, I don’t care if you get bored of hearing about! Today I had it with some frozen blueberries.

Lunch – M&S Super Nutty Salad

I picked this up for my lunch on Sunday but ended up not eating it. So I used it up for today’s lunch. A nice an easy option for being back at work.

Dinner – Chicken plus leftover trimmings from Sunday

There were loads of leftovers from the roast at my Mum’s on Sunday so I took away some of the leeks, carrots, parsnips and sweet potatoes. To have with it, I cooked a chicken breast in a wee tinfoil parcel with some coconut oil, red onion, salt, pepper and rosemary, basically anything I could find in the cupboard.

Drinks & snacks – About 3 litres of water and a Irn Bru sugar free

Exercise – Rest day (Piyo was cancelled)

Today’s top tip – Have a big dinner before going to the cinema to avoid the temptation of ice cream and popcorn!


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