Day 49: Easter Sunday


As a non religious family, Easter really is all about the chocolate for us. So a 70 day shred and Easter, don’t really go together sadly. Luckily, I have never really been a big chocolate fan. When my two sisters got Easter eggs, I usually got a decorative metal egg filled with jelly beans…boy do I miss those jelly beans!

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 23.26.32.png

Last night before I went to bed I popped out a Galaxy Easter egg on the kitchen table, with a bag of mini eggs and a bag of Oreo eggs. When Mr McMackin found them this morning his response was ‘you didn’t have to get me an egg, I’m 30’. I wasn’t aware there was a cut off for chocolate. But ironically this statement was VERY quickly followed by a burst of excitement that he could have chocolate for breakfast…he’s a ridiculous man!

So, thanks to the shred, Easter Sunday became about little victories! I wore my lovely new jeans, purchased a size smaller than my last:

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 23.27.30.png

Normally my Mum does a Easter egg hunt in the garden, which usually results in some sort of family brawl where there is a piley on for one teeny tiny egg…but really we are brawling for the pride. This year, thankfully she decided not to do it….it would have been hard to search for eggs, to not eat them afterwards. Instead the day just became about having fun with the family. Cue an impromptu round of football target practice, a round of ‘the minister’s cat’ and an aggressive game of Articulate. My Mum even bought me a nice orange headband for exercising instead of a chocolate egg and kept fruit aside for me and shred buddy, from the Pavlova….the shred cheer is spreading.

Day 49: Shred Log

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 23.40.53.png

Breakfast – Chipolatas and pineapple

Thanks to the clocks I woke up really late and had nothing to eat in the house. So I popped out and got some chipolatas and some reduced price pineapple which filled me up before going to my Mum’s for the day.

Lunch – Nibbles

I was at my Mum’s and as if it wasn’t bad enough that James was tormenting me with mini eggs, she had M&S’ Mac & Cheese balls which are freakin awesome. I managed to avoid them though and ate the majority of the heated up cocktail sausages.

Dinner – Roast beef, roast parsnip, carrot & sweet potato with cheesy leeks

Mum cooked up a lovely roast beef with roast veg, gravy and some cheesy leeks. Whilst the leeks wouldn’t be allowed on a normal Paleo diet, some people still allow a bit of cheese and I am down with that.

Drinks & snacks – A disappointing 1.5 litres water, Prosecco (which means I have now used up 4 of my 5 treats)

Exercise – Rest day

Today’s top tip – ALWAYS dance like no one is watching….even if you are being filmed!


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