Day 48: Perfect Your Posture


This morning I woke up in a lovely lodge in Crail. I moved from the sofa to a lovely comfy reclining chair, before playing some board games, driving home and relocating to my sofa. Now that is what I call living the dream. My laziness got me thinking about lazy dieting tips. What I mean by that is, simple and easy ways to help make me look thinner as an added bonus to the weight I am already losing.

For example, today I am wearing a horizontal striped top. Now 15lbs heavier Bex would have avoided horizontal stripes because obviously it’s the stripes that made me look chubby…and not my chub that made me look chubby! Equally I always find that I feel better when I am a bit tanned, because evidently pale skin was making me look heavier, and not just my heavier weight making me look heavy! You get the point, it is amazing the things excuses you can come up with. But one thing that does genuinely help you look trimmer, without actually dieting, is simply sorting out your posture!

We all know that popping on a pair of heels makes us hold ourselves better, but why not just hold yourself better all the time? Standing up nice and straight elongates your figure and helps you use the muscles that poor posture doesn’t. So not only do you look taller but  you can also stimulate muscles hence keeping proper posture is good for both your image and your diet. I am very aware that I have terrible posture, it comes from my laziness. This is pretty much me at work every day:


Now let’s not be stupid. I am not suggesting that perfecting your posture is going to instantly make you look 3 stone lighter…I wish. But I believe it will help make you feel a bit more confident in yourself. Also, vainness aside, think about your back and your joints people! Poor posture is one of the top causes of back and neck pain which seems crazy when you are doing it to yourself! So to help, here are some tips I found online about how to improve your posture:

  • Stand with feet hip-width apart. Your knees should be soft, not locked.
  • Pull in your abdominal muscles as if you’re zipping up a tight pair of pants.
  • Lift the front of your rib cage up as if there were a string connected from your breastbone to the ceiling, pulling you up.
  • Gently, pull shoulder blades back, toward your spine, and then gently press them down, as if you wanted to tuck them into your back pockets.
  • Hold the position for a few moments, trying to relax into it, breathing normally. Then relax and go through the steps again.

And remember…


Day 48: Shred Log


Brunch – Cooked Breakfast

I was away for the night with friends and one of them cooked us up an absolute feast this morning. And I didn’t feel like I missed out because there was plenty of meat and eggs. The only things I couldn’t have were beans, potato scone and toast.

Lunch – Fruit salad

After a big breakfast I was full for ages. So when I got home I just had a fruit salad to tide me over until dinner.

Dinner – Lamb steaks, roast parsnips, sweet potato chips and asparagus

My amazing husband cooked up an absolute feast for dinner.Lamb steak was marinated in red wine, rosemary and thyme and then friend. He roasted the parsnips in duck fat and par boiled the sweet potato chips before baking in the oven. Then blanched the asparagus and topped with a little butter. It was deeeeeeelicious!

Drinks & snacks – Approx 2 litres water and bootea

Exercise – Rest day….yippee!

Today’s top tip – playing the most intense game of your life of pairs followed by Jenga, will take your mind off the big bag of peanut butter M&Ms your friends are eating.


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