Day 47: Weigh in day


In the words of the ever wise Rebecca Black ‘It’s Friday, Friday. Gotta get down on Friday’. And down I am getting, down with Easter weekend and 4 glorious days off work! With it being Good Friday I felt it only appropriate to share a Jesus meme!


It then got me curious as to why Good Friday is called ‘good’ when it was the day Jesus was crucified, surely a pretty rubbish day for him. Should we not call it Bad Friday, or Rubbish Friday? Thanks to Wikipedia I found out that some people think good refers to pious or holy, and others think it was just a Chinese whisper situation with God Friday. Either way Good Friday seems pretty appropriate for weigh in day!

All week I have been feeling great. My leather jacket zips up (I’ve had it a few years and it NEVER zipped up), some of my clothes are looser and I bought some jeans a size smaller that my old ones….score! But I had a bit of fear that the fat step was going to do me a Judas and stay the same again. But alas, I have shed another 2 lbs….hell yeah! That takes me up to 15lbs off, 1 st and 1 lovely little pound.

I am posting this early as I am off to a lodge with some friends for the night. Friends who I usually eat with. Eat until we have to lie on the sofa and put our pj bottoms on. So it’s going to be tough. But I started the day off with a gruelling PT session in the hope that it will keep me motivated. Don’t worry though, what I will lack in chocolate, I will make up for in Prosecco!

Day 47: Shred Log


Breakfast – Banana Nut Porridge

For a change I got the heat this up at home…in a pan…how novel!

Lunch – Omelette

I made a quick omelette before heading out, with anything that I could find in the fridge. So that was tomato, a green pepper, red onion and I mixed some chilli flakes into the 3 eggs mix with some seasoning.

Dinner – Raclette

My lovely friends were very considerate and we planned in a dinner that wouldn’t make me stray. Another delightful raclette which consists of veg, meat, cheese and sweet potato. So good!

Drinks & snacks – Approx 3 litres water and Prosecco

Exercise – An hour of PT

IMG_1869 (1).jpg

Today’s top tip – When your Personal Trainer tells you what you are about to do, and you don’t like the sound of it, procrastinate a while and make sure your workout area is looking neat!



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