*GUEST POST* Day 46: The Smugness of Bex!

So today you have me… the shred buddy who keeps getting named and shamed on this blog! It’s fair to say that Bex has shown a smidge more motivation throughout this challenge than I have. Although to be fair it is her challenge and I am being dragged along rather than giving any sort of valid consent! The result has been me becoming Robin to her Batman, Goose to her Maverick, Chewie to her Han. Whilst Robin still gets to wear a jazzy outfit, anyone who has met me will know this sidekick business doesn’t sit comfortably! I have exercised right along side Bex but I’ve dabbled with the diet for a few weeks. Little cheats here and there. Quite frankly I was getting nowhere.


And then Bex really found her groove. With that the smugness of Bex appeared. She started watching before and after inspirational videos, commenting that she imagines that is how she will feel when it’s all over. You could see her judging face every time you put a mouthful of food in your mouth that she didn’t approve of. She started sending picture of herself in her underwear! But worst of all every time I saw her someone was heaping praise and compliments on her about how well she was doing!

Don’t get me wrong I am pleased for her and the brilliant effort she has made. She is really working hard. But I am her sister. With that comes a natural and healthy rivalry. I am not just going to stand there while she and everyone around us talks her up! So with this came the motivation I needed to stick to the diet. And to be honest, it’s been alright. Bex has talked about the need for a ‘buddy’ to share the experience with, to keep you motivated and to encourage when the need it. I disagree. What you need is a rival. Someone to compete with. Someone to beat. Someone that makes you feel smug. So here I am, working hard to turn the tables in favour of the sidekick. That is what will keep me on the straight and narrow and that is how I will achieve my goal! So rise up out of the shadows minions of the world. Show ‘em who’s boss!


Day 46 Shred log:

Breakfast – Pear and blueberries

I am not great with breakfast like Bex is. I will never give up those extra five minutes of sleep. So I had a quick bit of fruit. It was tasty and easy. Plus when do you ever actually get a ripe Pear?! Score!

Lunch – Sizzling Fajitas

I was visiting my friend and my godson today for lunch. We went to a nice pub in East Lothian and I had the fajitas with a salad rather than tortillas. This is a really easy order if you are trying to avoid carbs and super tasty.

Dinner – Spicy Butternut Soup

As I had a big lunch I just wanted a light tea so soup was the plan. ASDA do these really handy fresh soup mix packs. All the veg is already cut and you just add stock. It was fast and actually really tasty.

Drinks – Approx 2 litres of water, a peppermint tea (hot drinks don’t taste like a ghost in my mouth), a can of irn-bru sugar free and a bootea.

Exercise – Final day of the lent challenge so I did 100 burpees, 20 tricep push-ups and three one minute planks. I timed how long the burpees took and absolutely smashed my previous best!

Top tip – Don’t openly become too smug, because someone is going to want to beat you and you can’t risk them overtaking you!


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