Day 45: Baggy trousers

Today is a good day! Just one more day of work and then it is Easter weekend…yippee! Tomorrow is payday, my husband got to spend an extra night at home thanks to a slow day in court but better than that….baggy clothes!

In the run up to my wedding last year I got really frustrated when the fat step was telling me the same thing every week. Which didn’t make sense because all of my clothes were getting looser. In January I genuinely pulled on one of my favourite dresses and thought ‘shit, this has shrunk in the wash’ as I attempted to peel it off my body! My jeans started getting uncomfortably tight, I ventured into the ‘baggy’ section of the wardrobe. And you know things have got really bad when you have to move along a clip on your bra…bad times!


So even though the fat step and I have fallen out for the last few weeks, you have to find victories elsewhere. This morning when I got up and got dressed in my usually zombie style (one eye open and hair everywhere) I came across and old favourite top. To be fair it looks pretty tatty because I over wore it last summer. I had forgotten about it after trying it on and, what once was a baggy top, was now pretty toyt around my middle. But hey presto, this morning it was back to it’s old self….like me!

There really is no better feeling and actually gives me more pride than what the fat step can ever tell me. People can’t see that reading on the scales, but what they do see is me strutting around with confidence because I feel great!

Day 45: Shred Log


Breakfast – Banana Nut Porridge

Old faithful this morning with added blackberries for a bit of sweetness. I actually ate too much because I was stuffed for hours!

Lunch – Meatballs and Kale

More leftover meatballs for lunch, which I heated up and had with some questionably off kale that I found in the back of the fridge.

Dinner – Balsamic Sausage & chicken casserole 

Tonight I had the first portion from the bulk cooking I did on Sunday. This was made in the slow cooker which meant all the chicken and the sausages just broke apart with my fork, so good. I had it with….you guessed it….sweet potato wedges and some guacamole.

Drinks & snacks – Approx 3 litres water, Bootea

Exercise – 50 minutes of Insanity hell which included today’s 30 burpees

Today’s top tip – don’t eat off kale…it smells!


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