Day 44: Tupperware Tuesday

It’s that dread day again…totally pointless Tuesday! I see a lot of people posting motivational things on Tuesday’s with hashtags and comments about Transformation Tuesday. But less of that, for I bring you Tupperware Tuesday!

Whilst I aware I am maybe a bit young to be a tupperware enthusiast, I bloody love it! My Mum always had a huge cupboard full of tupperware, that was never the right size for what you needed it for, always ginormous or so small it would fit about 3 almonds in it. You could NEVER find a lid to match the bottom half and whenever you open the cupboard, everything falls out. It seems even weird things like this pass down the generations. I give you, my tupperware cupboard:


You can tidy it up, match all the bottoms and lids and give it a good old clear out, but sure enough, 2 days later and it’s back to mayhem again. But who cares? That’s why we had doors on our cupboard eh?!

With all the bulk cooking and prep I do for the diet, you need a good selection of Tupperwares. Also, because I am pretty cheap and very much push the boundaries of how long you should keep food in the fridge for, you want to make sure they are well sealed! Plus they are fun, yes I need to get out more, but the way I see it, if I am going to prep a salad to take to work, why not make it look fancy in your Black + Blum lunch box. These are my my two faves:

Lunch pots

Box Appetit

AND they come with cute little spoons/forks! What more could you want. On the other end of the scale, I have a pack of about 30 plastic tupperwares (probably less since I found out the cleaner at work was binning them!) that look like Chinese takeaway tubs. You can get them in Costco and they are great for dividing up your portions when bulk cooking, plus they stack on top of each other nicely in the freezer:

IMG_1799.jpgPlease note the frozen pasta is James’ and not mine! 

The combination of bulk cooking, freezing and dividing everything into containers, will save you money. I would say that whilst eating fresh food is cheaper than buying ready meals and takeaways, there is a lot of meat involved. And no one wants to waste a good bit of meat. It just makes good sense all round…Bill knows!


Day 44: Shred Log

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 21.09.28.png

Breakfast – 3 x sausages

I cooked up a pack of sausages last night and had 3 for breakfast. The other three will do a breakfast later int he week.

Lunch – Thai Soup

I used up the last portion of this from the freezer for lunch today seeing as I have Piyo and won’t feel quite as much like I am going to faint, as I do in Insanity.

Dinner – Meatballs and sweet potato wedges

Another leftover portion from being at my Mum’s at the weekend. I reheated this and hat it with avocado and sweet potato wedges again….they are just so good!

Drinks & snacks – Approx 3 litres water

Exercise – Piyo class which included the 10 tricep pushups for today’s Lent challenge, as well as 40 burpees.

Today’s top tip – allocate one tupperware for tomatoey things to avoid all of them getting a orange rim!



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