Day 42: Dinner Guesting

This weeks Sunday dread was looking pretty bad when at 53 minutes United went 2-0 down in the Dundee derby. But then thanks to a goalkeeping blunder things were looking up! We salvaged a point and I had a lovely evening in North Berwick to look forward to.

imagesThanks Ryan, that’s really comforting!

A very easy way to trip up on a diet is when you are invited round to someone’s house for dinner. They put on a lovely carb full spread which ordinarily you would be face deep in, but it just feels awkward. So you eat just enough to not look rude but not quite enough for full on carb face. You’ve maybe even told your friend/family that your dieting but they just assume that a low carb diet means not eating potatoes and bread and everything else is fine.

Be honest! Tell them that you would love to come but you have been working really hard to lose some weight and don’t want to fall off the wagon.You will be amazed at how accommodating people are. They are usually pretty encouraging. And lets face it, a friend who you tell and then says ‘f@*k you, I am making pie and chips,’ is probably not a very good friend.

Tonight I was invited round, with my sisters, to have dinner with my lovely cousin and his wife at their home. They put on some nibbles which included nuts and vegetable crisps as well as cocktail sausages (which were in no way cooked in maple syrup). We then had a delicious roast dinner, beef, roast veg, parsnips, broccoli and gravy. It was a brilliant spread, followed up with a lovely fresh fruit salad. Generally people that like you are more than happy to work around your diet, and actually one of the benefits of Paleo is how flexible it is.

So just be honest, tell your friend what you are doing and if all else fails, write a blog every day for 42 days and then people really know your dieting!

Day 42: Shred Log

Breakfast – Sausages and fruit

I was in a rush to head out this morning but my Mum was cooking up a lovely breakfast so I stole 3 sausages and a bunch of grapes!

Lunch – An apple

This is not advisable. I was at the football and didn’t have time to get something more substantial. **NOT RECOMMENDED**

Dinner – Roast beef, roast veg, parsnips and broccoli

Lovely dinner cooked by my cousin and his wife. We had roast beef, broccoli, roast veg including parsnips and gravy. Followed by a fruit salad

Drinks & snacks – Approx 3 litres water

Exercise – Just 70 burpees for the Lent challenge today….JUST!

Today’s top tip – When your Mum sends her dieting daughter to get 3 baguettes of bread, drive with your windows open. Or your car will smell of heavenly bread for too long!


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