Day 34: Finger food

Whilst I am not broody or one for babies, today I spent my afternoon at a baby shower. This was one of those family events I have mentioned before where we get together and eat. There is never a shortage of food. We got everyone to bring a dish and just made sure that shred buddy and I were allocated savoury options. It was surprisingly easy to not stray, even though there were THREE different kinds of brownie.


I brought chicken drumsticks and a pineapple for something sweet. And then my sister made these amazing skewers. There were also cocktail sausages that went down very well. Clearly I’m not the only one in the family whole loves a sausage! My point is, just because you are attending a party doesn’t mean you need to stray. Just make sure you bring options!

Day 34: Shred Log


Breakfast – Pineapple

I was chopping this up to take with me to the baby shower so I snacked on some whilst chopping.

Lunch – Baby shower nibbles

As above I managed to eat quite a lot considering. Clearly people have been reading!

Dinner – Dust

I was so tired when I got home I just fell asleep and didn’t have any tea. Not a god idea but it happens.

Drinks & snacks – About 2 litres water, prosecco

Exercise – Piyo plus 20 burpees

Today’s top tip – Don’t spend too much time in the same room as brownies.


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