Day 33: Weigh in day

It’s that time of the week again…Friiiiiddaaaaaaaaay! As of Sunday I will be officially half way through my 70 day shred. But I have to say I think the exercise has taken its toll this week. I feel absolutely shattered and have a busy weekend ahead! This is my current mood:


But it is Friday and Friday always puts me in a good mood! Someone obviously forgot to tell my scales that it is Friday, I stepped on for this weeks weigh in and have stayed the same as last week. I said from the beginning that my weight loss pattern tends to be that I lose weight every fortnight, which is why I added the measurements rule. However as I lost weight both weeks previously I am now out of sync with the measurements. It is easy to feel disappointed when you don’t lose weight but that gets dangerous. That’s when you are confronted with Mac and Cheese and rainbow cake and think, I might as well eat it…NO! Be strong and remember, muscle weighs more than fat. So whilst I might not be dropping pounds, I am gaining guns!


Day 33: Shred Log


Breakfast – An apple

I didn’t have time to make anything this morning, and this is NOT a decent enough breakfast, but sometimes all you can do is hit the free fruit at work.

Lunch -Bolognese and broccoli 

Ok so I am not a bit bored of this but thankfully it was the last portion. Cooked the broccoli in the microwave at work (stank out the office) and reheated the bolognese. It is not quite the Friday lunchtime treats I used to have but hey I saved money and I’ve lost 12lbs, so screw you sandwiches!

Dinner – Steak!

I went out for dinner tonight to Leith Chop House. I have been wanting to go here for ages and tonight was the night. We went out to celebrate my cousins’ 30th birthday. I even managed to collect the cake at lunch time and hand it into the restaurant without sticking my face in it! Even though it took 2 hours to come, the food was amazing. I went for a steak and, even though I really wanted beef dripping chips, I got cabbage and bacon, a tomato and red onion salad and some spinach and they all tasted amazing! And thankfully I was so full I wasn’t even tempted by the rainbow cakIMG_1554.jpgIt’s not my slice, I promise!

Drinks & snacks – Bootea, about 3 litres water and a Irn Bru sugar free

Exercise – REST DAY!!!

Today’s top tip – After a gruelling arm focused PT session do not forget to empty your handbag of all non essentials the day after, or you will want to cry whilst walking to work and that is not a good look!


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