Day 32: Get oot!

It’s been a long and busy week and this evening’s PT may just have broken me! It took a lot of motivation to get through it but there is something about bootcamp and PT that I really like. Once you get over doing burpees in a pile of wet leaves and standing in dog poo, you just embrace the rain and the dirt and get through it.

With Insanity and Piyo the class runs to a track, with set music and timings and whilst you can glance each other a dying look or squeeze in a ‘this if f*%@king awful’ in between rounds. There is something more fun about Bootcamp and I think it is the camaraderie. You can have a bit of a chat and a grunt. Even living in Scotland, where it ALWAYS rains, we still hit the park and get that awful throat/chest burn from the cold. Cavemen didn’t have Insanity but they did have the outdoors and if I’m going to eat like one I may as well exercise like one!



  • In the spirit of yesterday’s blog – it is cheaper than a gym
  • Being out in the cold means that, while you will still sweat, it is not quite as claustrophobic as a room
  • A man might walk past you and when his child asks ‘Dad what are they doing?’ He might respond ‘I think they are athletes’. Yes sir!
  • Not to sound like a knob but they are good for the mind. There is something about the fresh air that really sorts your mood out
  • There are things to look at! You can hold a plank for longer than you think when someone weird is in park
  • Slopes, uneven ground and resistance against the win actually mean you’re working harder!


  • People will walk past you with a chippy and you will cry a little bit and then carry on grunting your way through a dead bug abs move!
  • 12 year old girls may shout and abuse you for an hour and tell you their Mum could lift heavier…that’s probably because she’s had to carry your overweight body around.

So be free my friends. Find a park and do it yourself, find an outdoor bootcamp or just go for a run. Trust me, it’s good for you!

Day 32: Shred Log

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 22.40.29.png

Breakfast – Banana Nut Porridge

As I stayed at my sisters’ last night I brought breakfast and lunch into the office with me yesterday, always be prepared! Had the leftovers of the batch of this I made on Tuesday. Topped with some grapes from the free fruit at work.

Lunch – Thai soup

I have to leave the office at 1pm on a Thursday for a meeting which makes lunch timing a bit annoying. If I am exercising after work I try to have a late lunch but as I don’t want my stomach rumbling in front of clients I had my tiny portion of soup before I went.

Dinner – Bolognese with broccoli 

This again! Although as I was late in from PT I was quite glad to have have something that took all of 10 minutes to cook/warm up.

Drinks & snacks – Bootea, 3 litres water

Exercise – PT plus an epic 80 burpees today….ahh!

Today’s top tip – Being busy at work makes you forget about eating so get working!


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