Day 31: Shred your body, not your ££s

Day 31 and I was worried I had run out of things to say. Genuinely couldn’t think of anything interesting to tell you. But alas, shred buddy to the rescue! As tonight is sleepover night with my sister (we’re not 12, my husband works away through the week so I get bored on my own), we had planned in a tasty Deliveroo burger takeaway (bunless…obvs). However, she remembered me saying I was short on the old cashola this month and instead went to the supermarket. Good girl! She figured we could create our own takeaway for half the price. Those of you that know my sister will know this is very out of character. She picked up burgers, pesto, sweet potatoes, mozzarella and a wee fruit salad (good investment the old fruit, pudding tonight, bagged up and in the freezer for a juice tomorrow, the gift that keeps on giving). It got me thinking about the expense of fitness/shredding.


I remember when I first started out low carbing and I was following the Pig to Twig diet. They recommend a whole load of supplements that you should take, which obviously I went out and bought all of. But it cost a bloody fortune and fairly sure I was rattling. Whilst some of them were helpful, I didn’t notice much of a difference when I stopped letting Holland and Barrett rob my purse on a monthly basis and quit taking them. One supplement that I did like was pysllium husks to help digestion. But for goodness sake shop around or wait for the H&B penny sale.

Another element of the diet that can be expensive is all the food, in particular the meat. When you read up about Paleo it will recommend that you buy the best meat you can find, organic and all singing, all dancing. I’m not bloody made of money, and I am my fathers’ daughter, so I will hunt out cheaper alternatives. For example, ALDI. I freekin’ love ALDI. I go through a lot of fruit and veg and their’s is good quality and so much cheaper than the bigger supermarkets. So this is where my Sunday food shopping trips start. Buying everything I can at ALDI, I also enjoy a trip down their eclectic aisle with items ranging from laminators, door mats, to a whole bunch of crap you will never need but only costs 99p!

download (1)

The main expense with the food is the meat. This can be very expensive. I won’t lie to you, I shop in Asda, I don’t necessarily pick out the best meat. If money wasn’t an option then I’d buy organic every time but I can’t afford that. So I buy the odd pack of mince, or bacon, or chicken from there. Most of my meat though comes from Muscle Food. Don’t let the name fool you, you don’t have to be a big old gun show to shop there. It is a online healthy food provider and the meat is amazing. When raw meat smells delicious, you know it’s going to awesome cooked. Even the chicken breasts, which haven’t been pumped full of water, are so good! They run loads of deals and I have never bought anything from there full price. Every time I spot a deal I stock up. They will give you a delivery date and bring your meaty goods to you in a box that will keep it fresh for 3 days, should you be out or getting it delivered somewhere other than home. To give you an idea of the deals I got all of the following for £55 down from £125.52:

  • 2 x Premium Skinless Chicken Breasts – 2.5 kg
  • 2 x 6-7oz Irish Grass Fed Rump Steaks
  • 2 x 6-7oz Irish Grass Fed Sirloin Steaks
  • 2 x 6oz Great British Hache Steaks
  • 2 x 6oz Peri Peri Hache Steaks
  • 2 x Lean Diced British Beef – 400g 
  • 2 x Extra Lean British Beef Mince – 400g
  • 1 x Extra Lean Steak Burgers – 2 x 4oz 
  • 2 x 4oz Extra Lean Chicken Burgers
  • 1 x Chicken Breast Sausages – 454g
  • 2 x Giant Great British Lean Meatballs-6 x 57g
  • 1 x Luxury Meat Seasoning – 25g

It was a serious struggle getting all that in the freezer, trust me!

There is also no need for expensive gym memberships. Look around, find a local bootcamp or check if your local church hall has classes on. Gym memberships can be upwards of £50, whereas a monthly membership at Beachfit Bootcamp is £40 and gives you access to unlimited classes which run 5 days a week (normally £5 a class, you do the maths). Even then, you can buy a workout DVD, go for a run, YouTube some fitness videos (Gillian Michael’s 30 day shred is on there), there really is no excuse.


Most importantly you want to save all those pennies to buy yourself awesome new clothes to show off your slender new bod! So take it from me, it can be done on a budget (and this is coming from a woman who accidentally left the heating on overnight and so is enduring a few cold days to even things out). I am aware I’m mental.

Day 31: Shred Log


Breakfast – 3 x sausages

I had the other half of that pack of sausages I cooked earlier in the week, blasted in the microwave at work.

Lunch – Bolognese and broccoli

More bolognese with broccoli again, and I’ve barely even made a dent in the huge pot of it.

Dinner – Burgers and sweet potato fries

Stayed over at my sisters’ and we had bunless burgers with pesto and mozzarella and sweet potato fries. Just as good as a takeaway if not better, it’s all in the onions (slightly more cheese than I should have but who cares)! Followed up with a fruit salad.

Drinks & snacks – About 2 litres water and a Irn Bru sugar free

Exercise – 50 minute Insanity class which included today’s delight tricep dips for Lent challenge!

Today’s top tip – Be mindful when heating up broccoli at work, let people know what you are doing as it will give off suspicious smells!


2 thoughts on “Day 31: Shred your body, not your ££s

  1. I’m catching up on the last few days as I have my lunch, which today is Tesco Finest Spicy Italian sausages. If you haven’t tried them, I thoroughly recommend it! Deeeelish x

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