Day 29: Never miss a Monday

I hate Monday’s almost as much as Kim Kardashian loves a naked selfie…and that is a lot! I do not enjoy that feeling when your alarm goes off on a Monday, you hit snooze 500 times, you contemplate all the things you can cut out of your morning prep so you can sleep longer. Then you realise no one at work wants to see you make-upless, smelly and with an alfalfa hair on top of your head that resembles the leaning town of Pisa. I would really like, just once, to wake up and be told that Monday has been cancelled, go back to bed! Yup, you guessed it, I am NOT a morning person.


The only thing I used to like about a Monday was that it was my chance to reset after the weekend. My chance to right all my weekend wrongs. But now that I am being good at the weekend, it’s back to being a pointless day. I find that I am usually more tired on a Monday, it feels like two days rolled into one. Which means dragging your ass to exercise after work is quite a feat! While I am never overly excited to go to class after work, the Monday dread is by far the worst! But actually, it is the perfect way to start the week as you mean to go on! There have been many a Monday text chat between me and my sister, ‘maybe we could cancel tonight’, ‘Monday’s usually busy enough anyway, they won’t miss  us’, ‘we could ease into the week with Piyo on Tuesday’…NO!!! Get those big girl pants on and NEVER miss a Monday workout.

IMG_1453Giving you your five-head fix for today!

Whilst I might have looked like it in tonight’s Insanity, you will feel awesome after it, even if you did have to squeeze in 70 burpees and thought you might black out and/or vomit! It is 100% the reason I didn’t drive home via the chippy, I’m not wasting all that sweat and pain on bad food. So I came home and had a stirfry like a good girl! My advice to you today, don’t put off until tomorrow, do it today. Get in a Monday exercise, then if you do want to skive at some point later in the week, you won’t feel anywhere near as guilty…unless you have a PT/class instructor who will text you abuse when you threaten to cancel. She’s a good egg really!

Day 29: Shred Log

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 21.16.05.png

Breakfast – 3 x sausages and homemade guacamole

I did plan to have banana nut porridge but then realised I forgot to buy coconut milk and nuts, so all I had was a banana. Instead I fell back to my trusty buddies and cooked up a pack of sausages and had 3 of them with leftover guacamole that I made on Friday.

Lunch – Coronation chicken salad with chorizo

A slightly random combination but I had loads of bits and pieces leftover from the raclette on Friday night. I cooked up some of the diced chicken and mixed it with mayo and curry powder. The salad from Friday still looked pretty fresh (if it looks and smells fine, I’ll eat it) so I had that and added some of the leftover chorizo slices.

Dinner – Stifry

More leftover food from Friday’s raclette. There was a tiny bit of beef left so I stirfried this with some veg, coconut milk and green thai curry paste. Nice and easy after Insanity.

Drinks & snacks – Bootea, approx 3 litres water, orange

Exercise – 50 minute Insanity class plus a ridiculous 70 burpees!

Today’s top tip – Always remove your make-up before Insanity or your face will feel like it’s trapped in a sweaty, sweaty box!


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