Day 27: Hanging on a diet

While I am by no means hungover this morning it did give me the idea for this blog. Mainly because after breathalysing myself this morning and being 3 times over the limit, I had to sheepishly cancel Piyo class. And also because I am writing this to kill time while my husband tries to nap and sleep off his hangover, before I wring his neck for being ill when we are going away for the night.


One of the many things that would normally derail me from a diet is drinking. Drinking in excess usually leads to chips on the way home. Then the following day NEEDS to be full of junk, a Mcdonalds, Monster Munch, Lucozade, bacon rolls, you get the picture. If I am being honest there are times on a Sunday when I will eat all of this AND probably get a takeaway form Dominos for tea, because why have a healthy tea when you’ve been eating crap all day…’I’ll get back on it tomorrow’!

No one ever got over a hangover by eating vegetables and having a green juice, certainly not me anyway. So how do I get around this? If I am going out and know that I might be a little bit ‘tired and emotional’ the next day, I just make sure I am stocked up at home with food. This way I can avoid the need to walk to Scotmid for supplies. I will stock up on Irn Bru sugar free, Berocca and for food, sausages, bacon eggs, all the makings for a carb free fry up. Get something decent in for your tea, something that feels like you’re cheating but you’re not. I will usually go for my trusty bunless burger, maybe with some bacon and cheese and sweet potato fries. And most importantly, neck as much water as you physically can, stay hydrated!

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 14.00.11.pngThis is how I used to stock up for a hangover. Me and some friends were staying in a Travelodge for a wedding and boy did we hit this hard when we got back that night!

I am also going to let you in on a bit of secret, a epic hangover cure! One of these when you get in on the night, and another in the morning and I swear you won’t feel half as bad as you should in the morning.

Berocca Boost
Alka Seltzer
2 x ibuprofen

Stick the first three in a glass with a bit of water (not too much, trust me you won’t want to drag this out) and use it to take the ibuprofen. I won’t lie to you, it is salty and pretty gross but you’ll be thankful for that salty little guy in the morning!

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 14.01.36Hangover cure to try and counteract all of that…wishful thinking but it does help!

So there you have it, my guide to surviving a hangover when on a diet. I consider this crisis management and don’t get me wrong, there will still be times when I find myself in the disco chippy ‘on a date’ with a lovely young maan from Peru who just wants to learn and make his parents proud, whilst being fed battered sausage that has been mutilated by a friend who struggled to cut with a plastic fork (good times). Do what you can, and if you do stray, fear not, just don’t unpack and live there!

P.S. As I am going away to a hotel tonight and we get a free bottle of prosecco I have decided to use up the first of my 5 treats on allowing a 2nd night of alcohol.

Day 27: Shred Log

Breakfast -Smoothie (pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, cucumber and chia seeds)

There was lots of leftover fruit salad from last night so I shoved it in the Nutribullet and hey presto…breakfast!

Lunch – Leftover raclette

Again there was loads of food leftover from the raclette last night so I just threw some of it together and had that, mainly to avoid the giant pizza currently in my fridge. I got it for my husband to have last night but he didn’t eat it, or lunch, hence the napping off a hangover!

Dinner – 3 course dinner in hotel

I got a Itison deal for a one night stay in a hotel with 3 course dinner. I am posting this early as I will be away later at said hotel. So I can’t tell you what I had yet but fingers crossed they have some diet friendly options. Also planning to avoid pudding if I can, which means James might luck out with two, unless I decide to use one of 5 treats up…sticky toffee pudding is my weakness so I am hoping this is not on the menu.

Drinks & snacks – Berocca, approx 3 litres water, Irn Bru sugar free

Exercise – Should have been Piyo…but instead it was a rest day (not complaining as I have already hit my 3 exercises this week)

Today’s top tip – When on a night out, get a taxi as early as you can so that a man doesn’t try to put you in a bin!


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