Day 24: Jazz it up!

Today’s blog comes off the back of a very exciting delivery yesterday from Sweaty Betty! I even get excited about the free bag that it comes in…very handy as a make-up bag if you are a cheapo like me! I know what you are thinking, probably not that much of a cheap skate if I am buying Sweaty Betty exercise gear, but fear not my friends, I hit the 50% off sale with an added 20% off thanks to a particularly handy friend!


When I first joined a gym I was most certainly not someone who cared about what I had on. If I had to pay to go there and sweat, I wasn’t going to waste extra money on clothes to wear whilst doing said sweating! I actually still have my old white polo shirt from school PE which I would pair with some baggy joggers. I feel my lack lustre gym get up echoed my lack lustre attempts at exercise. The answer…jazz it right up!

IMG_1352Sadly the legging had to go back on account of a baggy new/calf situation!

Whilst I don’t understand people who do themselves up for the gym, full face of slap and perfect hair (partially because my five head will have to be out), I am now fully on board with decent get up. I wouldn’t say I have reached ‘active wear’ levels but I freakin’ love a jazzy legging. Jazzier the better! Who doesn’t want to go to insanity when you’ve got pineapples on your legs. I was actually excited to go to class one night so that I could wear my new spotty Fabletics leggings…what the hell have I become? But hey, if all it takes is a jazzy legging and some bright coloured trainers to get my ass into gear, I’ll take that.

It is also worth point out that jazzy doesn’t have to mean expensive. Places like H&M and New Look have pretty good sports ranges for a very reasonable price!

Day 24: Shred Log

Breakfast – Hache steak, tomatoes and pesto

Reheated this from the other night and had with some tomatoes and leftover fresh pesto. Pretty filling breakfast.

Lunch – Sausage casserole

More of last night dinner. I made loads of this so there will be a lot more of this to come. I made it with my homemade sausages, which are pretty delicious if I do say so myself!

Dinner – Pesto chicken & bacon salad

Salad for tea as I am at the football tonight and needed something I could eat on the bus to Dundee. For this I defrosted a couple of chicken breasts and cooked in the oven with seasoning. I then mixed it with some mayo and fresh pesto and stuck it on top of a rocket, tomato and red onion salad. I also fried up some bacon until it was crispy and sprinkled on top.

Drinks & snacks – Bootea and approx 3 litres water

Exercise – 55 bloody burpees!

Today’s top tip – ALWAYS carry emergency kirby grips. If I can’t find a kirby grip for an exercise class I may as well go home. A sweaty fringe stuck to a sweaty five head = bad bad news!


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