If you don’t have a Nutribullet…who the hell are you and what are you playing at? This thing is a total game changer. I started getting into green juices and smoothies after doing a food diary for PT Sarah and she pointed out just how many sausages I was eating for breakfast. Whilst I don’t see the issue with this, sausages rule (see my blog dedicated to sausages), she suggested that I investigate the juice hype and leant me a book by the juice master himself, Jason Vale.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 15.25.27.pngDon’t be put off by the colour, as long as you have a bit of fruit or lime juice in there, it will be alright!

I borrowed my auntie’s juicer for a while as I didn’t want to buy one and then use it for a week and never again. But actually I used it regularly and loved it. One good thing about the juicer is that you don’t really have to prep the fruit, you can just shove it all in, skins and all. So I got my own lovely little juicer and used it at least 3 or 4 times a week. The BIG downside for the juicer is all the bloody parts you have to wash afterwards. As I may have mentioned I am not a morning person, so adding on time each morning to wash about 5 or 6 different parts after using it, was NOT handy.

My Mum had a Nutribullet which I tried out a few times while staying with her and I loved it. You literally shove in all your ingredients, blitz for a few seconds and then all you have to wash is the blade. You can just put a lid on your cup and off you pop! That should probably be their slogan. I was adamant that I didn’t need one though and I didn’t want to cheat on my lovely juicer. But when wedding time came we (I say we but James has never used it) were very excited that that someone gifted us a shiny new Nutribullet, happy days! I do feel a twinge of sadness every time I think of my poor juicer sitting in the cupboard, she’ll get her day again soon, don’t worry buddy!

As I like to ‘prep like a boss’ the Nutribullet juices are perfect for this. I will buy in all the fruit and veg for that week and chop and prep it all then shove it in a tupperware in the fridge. Then all I have to do is fill my cup the night before I am having one. They are also quite good for mornings after I stay at my sister’s. She also has a Nutribullet so I can just fill the cup and take it with me, all ready to blitz up at hers in the morning before work.
Something that my sister swears by is doing the same as above, chopping up all your veg, but then dividing it up into freezer bag portions. Then all you have to do is grab it from the freezer and add water, no ice needed. It also means the fruit will last you longer than a week which is great. It is absolutely vital that you don’t not drink a vegetable juice warm…it will be disgusting.
Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 15.18.45.pngFreezer bags prepped and ready for the week.
And don’t you be thinking all it does is juice. It’s a talented little bugger, I have used it to make sauces, blitz breadcrumbs (when I’m not carb free), salad dressing and I use it to make my regular fave, banana nut porridge! The opportunities are endless! So go forth, buy a Nutribullet, and don’t scrimp on the cheap alternatives (and that’s coming from a serious cheapo). You can get them for like £70-£90 and they really are worth it!

Day 22: Shred Log

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 20.51.55.png

Breakfast –Green juice (cucumber, kale, pineapple, lime juice, nectarine and chia seeds)

I forgot I had this ready to go for breakfast yesterday so I blitzed it up and had it this morning. A nice easy start to the day.

Lunch – Halloumi, roast pepper and pesto salad

I met a friend for lunch today and before deciding on where to go I had a quick look at a few menus for places near my work and went with the trusty deli Relish. This salad was absolutely huge and so filling.

Dinner – Beef hache steak, avocado & baked sweet potato

Took this out the freezer from the Muscle Food stash (new stock arriving Friday), and I left the sweet potato in my slow cooker for 4 hours this morning so it was warm when I got in. Nice and easy post insanity tea!

Drinks & snacks – Bootea, approx 3 litres water and a Irn Bru sugar free (need to cut back down on these, no more this week!)

Exercise – 50 minute Insanity class which covered off today’s 10 tricep dips.

Today’s top tip – If you are going out to eat, do your research. Go online and look at a few menus and find somewhere you can still eat. Otherwise you get there and convince yourself you have to have a sandwich because it’s the only option!



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