Day 19: Weigh in day

It’s Fridaaaaaaaaay! Another week drawing to a close which means only 1 thing, weigh in day! I wasn’t feeling massively confident this week, hence the last minute bootcamp attendance last night. But turns out the fat step didn’t shame me this week. I have shed another 2 lbs. So that is 9lbs in 19 days! Pretty damn pleased with that. And hopefully good motivation to get through the weekend. Just need to get another pound next week and I’ll reach my Sweaty Betty jacket treat target!


Oh and a good story for you…big sis aka shred buddy who has managed a couple of days on the diet was caught red handed in the bread aisle by a fellow bootcamper….busted! If you feel that guilty that you scream in a supermarket when someone finds you perusing bread, it probably suggests what you are doing is wrong. Wise up shred buddy, there’s a long way to go yet!

guilty-winkeyThis is Jen in Sainsbury’s!

Day 19: Shred Log


Breakfast – Green juice (cucumber, kale, pineapple, lime juice, nectarine and chia seeds)

I had a meeting this morning so prepped this last night and whizzed it up before drinking it in the car on the way there. Car’s really need nutribullet sized drinks holders!

Lunch – M&S Nutty Super Wholefood Salad & a bag of sour cream and chive sweet potato snacks

I was bit early for my meeting this morning so I nipped into M&S to get this, mainly so that I wasn’t tempted, come lunch time to go get a wrap from the local deli. The salad isn’t technically paleo friendly as it has quinoa and cannellini beans in it. However I am alright about that as it is still a healthy option.

Dinner – Paleo pizza

I tried out this recipe that a friend found online where you make a pizza base with 2 eggs, 1 egg white and some coconut flour. It took 3 attempts before I could get one that didn’t turn into scrambled eggs. I topped it with veg, chilli, ham and some mozzarella. It was alright but not amazing.

Drinks & snacks – Approx 3 litres water and 1 Irn Bru sugar free

Exercise – Today is my only rest day and I still had to do 3 x 1 min planks for the Lent challenge

Today’s top tip – Going to the cinema can take your mind off food for a good 2 hours!


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