Day 18: Emotional eats

So, day 18 has not been my friend. I haven’t cheated or strayed but I feel shattered. I feel like my poor iPhone screen looks. Like my phone, I would like to be put to sleep wrapped in bubble wrap and posted special delivery off to mend my cracks!

Usually when I do this diet I get headaches within the first week and that’s it. Strangely enough I didn’t get that this time, but I have had dull headache behind one eye since last night. And it won’t go away. I also stupidly decided that 5 exercise sessions wasn’t enough and made an impromptu decision to go to bootcamp, and now I am cold and sore and feeling sorry for myself, which is when I normally stray.


I am definitely an emotional eater. I can relate pretty much any emotion to eating. When I am happy or celebrating I will treat myself to food. Usually cake or a takeaway, and probably a glass of fizzy, because I like to think  I’m fancy. When I’m feeling sad or sorry for myself I just want to sit on the sofa and eat a tub of Pringles (on a side note, never has a slogan been more true than ‘once you pop you just can’t stop’).

I remember falling out with my husband once, I don’t even remember what it was about, but I wasn’t talking to him for what I am sure was a very good reason. Before said argument I had agreed to pick him up from work. What you should know is he used to be a chef, and at this point was working as a grill chef in a local burger restaurant. Anyway, I angrily drove up to get him, grunted at him when he got in the car, and then he handed me a paper bag with a burger and chips in…argument over! I am sure that I was being stubborn over something, and trust me I am stubborn. But ridiculously all it took was a burger and chips to bring me round. I am aware I am a ridiculous human being.

It’s a ridiculous cycle! You feel sad, you eat burger, you then feel sad that you ate the burger but you’ve eaten it now so you may as well have ice cream too, then you feel more annoyed. Then Monday comes and you go back to being good but you end up starving because you ate so much over the weekend. A vicious, vicious cycle!

images (1)

So even though I am sore, feeling sorry for myself and have a headache, I have had my healthy tea, had a few glasses of water and instead treated myself to a Scandal binge on TV. I’m not hungry and I don’t need to go and look in James’ biscuit tin (his food has to be hidden in tins so I can’t see it). And hey, tomorrow is Friday, it’s payday and it’s weigh in day…let’s hope I’m not feeling sorry for myself when I get on the fat step!

Day 18: Shred Log

Day 18.jpg

Breakfast – 2 sausages and more of that homemade guacamole

All leftovers that needed used up. Just heated up the sausages in the microwave at work and finished off the guacamole that I made on Monday night.

Lunch – Leftover meatballs and sweet potato tagliatelle

Yet more leftovers…lucky this was good. Again I just reheated at work.

Dinner – Chilli beef and sweet potato wedges

Probably had too much sweet potato but frankly my darling, I don’t give a damn. Took some chilli beef out the freezer this morning and cooked up the wedges after bootcamp and dipped them in the chilli. Amazing!

Drinks & snacks – Bootea, approx 3 litres water

Exercise – Outdoor bootcamp which included 52 bloody burpees…whose idea was this bloody Lent challenge!?

Today’s top tip – If you have to have bad food in the house, because your husband is horribly skinny, hide in tins that you can’t see into when you open the cupboard!


One thought on “Day 18: Emotional eats

  1. Totally feel you on the emotional eating. I have had an exhausting week and hence when it has reached 7pm I have had chocolate or crisps (or both) practically every day. I’ve also had a few days when lunch was completely out of the question so I grazed on crap all day instead. Fat step for me in the morning too, and if I have gained anything under 1lb I am counting it as an ahievement! Hope you get on better than me 🙂 x

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