Day 15: Insanity

Week 3 is off to a good start and rounded off with a very sweaty 50 minute Insanity class. Insanity is a high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout which was devised by the great Shauny T, a man who knows exactly the right point to take his top off and get you through the most horrendous workout EVER! My first experience of HIIT was with Metafit, a class I used to attend. To give you an idea of why I did Metafit, the class length depended on the track you were working to. The shortest track was 17 mins and the longest 27mins…bloody chicken loop! You had less than half an hour to go as hard as you could and it was over, not too shabby.

HIIT is basically a type of training whereby you go hard for a short , intense interval, followed my a short interval, then it is basically lather, rinse, repeat until you pass out in a pool of your own sweat. The idea is that your heart rate up and makes you burn more fat in less time. You then continue burning fat for a long time after the workout. **Warning** this is my description of HIIT, it may not be accurate but it’s in the right region of accuracy…I think!

So after a while along came Insanity. I had heard of it before as my sister tried out the DVDs, which quite frankly looked like torture. So when Beach Fit Boot Camp decided to drop Metafit and introduce Insanity, I was scared, scared for me and the pain that I knew it would bring.


Alby wasn’t far off with this statement. Insanity is basically doing the same thing over and over again and expecting change in your weight and health. After much delaying I gave Insanity a shot and whilst I dread every class, it is by far the best workout I have ever done. I have to say, I’m not sure what Shaun T was thinking with the name. If ever there was a way to scare people off…but actually it perfectly describes the class. It is insane…it will drive you insane. Tonight during one of many rounds of burpees I noticed a marking on the floor that looked like a smiley face. His little smile kept me going…I am aware I sound mental!


Anyway, don’t be put off by the name. Insanity can absolutely be done by beginners to fit freaks. If I can do it without dying, anyone can. You just take it at your own pace, and trust me, no one is watching you on account of the sweat blinding them for 50 mins. Every class feels harder than the last, it’s not, it’s just that you try harder. This video should give you an idea of what is involved. Another plus is the music is usually pretty loud so no one will hear you groan in the pain….bonus! So in the words of Shauny T, ‘it’s time to focus and get that body warm!’

Check out Beach Fit boot camp’s timetable page if you want to give it a go!

Day 15: Shred Log

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 00.13.01.png

Breakfast – Banana Nut Porridge

Don’t need to tell you much about this. It is such an easy breakfast, I always have the nuts and coconut milk in the cupboard and I pinched a banana from my husband before leaving yesterday.

Lunch – Leftover roast chicken & green veg

An amazing lunch today. My Aunt, Uncle and cousins were up at my Mum’s for a roast last night and had lots of leftovers. As they live on the street behind me I got a lovely little leftover parcel hand delivered to my door….score!

Dinner – Chilli and baked sweet potato

I got a last minute, post Insanity invite to my sister’s for tea. She made us a baked sweet potato each and topped it with chilli, avocado and spring onion. Very tasty tea made even tastier by having someone cook it for me.

Drinks & snacks – Bootea, approx 3 litres water and an orange

Exercise – 50 minute Insanity class which covered off my 3 x 30s planks for the Lent challenge

Today’s top tip – Never attend Insanity without a towel. And if you forget one, do not use tissue as an alternative, you will end up with it stuck to your face my the end of it. And then Insanity takes on a whole new meaning.


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