Day 14: Sunday blues

It’s Sunday and week two is done! 8 weeks to go, 56 days, one fifth down! I can’t decide which way of saying it makes me feel less anxious about how long is still left! As I sit here typing, I’m full of the Sunday blues. We really need another day between Saturday and Sunday because Sunday is basically just a count down until you have to go back to work! Boo! Sunday’s for me now though are about stocking up and getting ready for the week ahead, making sure everything is in place so that I don’t eat potatoes.

10417799_10152519143407844_5145613359597219097_nI love them so much, I even made a decoration to hang on the tree every Christmas!

I have booked in for my fitness classes this week:

Monday – Insanity
Tuesday – Piyo
Wednesday – Insanity
Saturday – Piyo
Sunday – PT session

I’ve planned in this weeks meals, which just to warn you contains a lot of repeats and boring meals because pay day still hasn’t happened! I’ve got my nuts soaking (now now) and getting ready for banana nut porridge tomorrow, lunch is prepped and dinner will be left over sausages. I’ve been to Sainsbury’s and stocked up on the other bits I need for the week.

There is something about Sunday’s that always make me feel very motivated. I think this comes from previous dieting attempts when I would do well through the week and hit the junk hard at the weekend. Then Sunday comes and I feel like Monday is a chance to right the weekend’s wrong….hence why I never got anywhere in losing weight. But with this challenge, I’ve been just as healthy over the weekend as I was through the week. Which to be honest, isn’t necessarily a good thing. Now that I don’t have to spend Sunday’s thinking about righting my carb wrongs, I have more time to think about those Sunday blues. It’s a bloody catch 22!


Day 14: Shred Log

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 22.26.24.png

Brunch – Cooked breakfast

After staying in Dundee last night with my husband he earned big brownie points by going to Scott’s Brothers butchers and picking up sausages and bacon for breakfast…and even cooked it all for me! He’s a keeper!

Dinner – Burger & sweet potato fries

I know I had exactly the same thing on Friday but I LOVE it! Tonight however I made it myself, not sure if that makes it tastier or not but it was pretty good if I do say so myself. I had them with a little bit of garlic mayo. Ideally I would have homemade mayo, but I left my mayo making machine (my husband) back in Dundee.

Drinks & snacks – Bootea, about 2 litres of water, one orange

Exercise – About time for a rest day…..yippeeeee!

Today’s top tip – When looking for a mate, find one that will go buy you butcher meat after work on a Friday….and even better if you can find an ex chef, trust me!


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