Day 13: The Buddy System

Day 13, unlucky for some! Not for Bex! I have had a great day. Gym, new hair do, finally relieving myself of the jinx title and watching United beat Hearts and now sitting with Prosecco in hand watching The Good Wife…bliss!

My day started out at the gym with my friend Iain. Thanks to the bloody shred rule that I must exercise three times a week, I was one short due to classes being cancelled and me missing one of them. So Iain invited me along on a wet Saturday morning for a wee gym sesh. The last time I was a member at a gym I would wander aimlessly between machines, watch rubbish on the TV whilst casually cycling or pretending to plank whilst gazing at the gym hotties! Iain is a regular gym goer and whilst it feels weird to say, has quite the muscle rack on him. He had big ideas that I would follow his program which I thought was outrageous…until I tried! Previously I would avoid the weights area like the plague, because it was just for men right? No! Half the men in there don’t even know what they are doing! Whilst I am fairly sure I will wake up tomorrow with no arms, I am glad I went. I tentatively picked up some weights and he made me go heavier, pushed me to do more reps and taught me to hate a few muscles I didn’t even know I had.


Hence the buddy system! Just as Bert needs Ernie, Ant needs Dec, Kermy needs Miss Piggy (even if they don’t realise it, anymore), I need a shred buddy! I’ve never really thought about it before but even when I anxiously joined Weight Watchers at 16, my Gran came with me. She was my weight loss buddy. We would encourage each other, even if it meant pointing out that she had stepped on the scales holding her purse which made her 2lbs heavier and even when she somehow gained 6lbs in a week, we had a good laugh and then got back to it!

My buddy system now relies heavily on my big sister. We have yoyo’d together for some time now and have set many a competition. I remember sticking rigidly to the diet purely because we had a car washing stake on the go. Suffice to say she cleaned my car up a treat! We are a VERY competitive family. We started up a pretty successful system where we would send each other picture of every meal we ate each day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and would question each other when we didn’t receive anything…so much so that she had to send me a picture of her empty Tupperware next to her computer screen which showed that day’s date! I 100% do my best when she is doing it with me. We go to classes together, we have bulk cooking sessions, we even pull each other up when they go off the rails. She is the Mr to my Motivator.


So when big sis went on holiday this week I wasn’t sure I would be able to motivate myself to keep it up. But actually it worked out fine. The PT session we normally do together featured a guest appearance from ‘freakishly strong Michelle’ and ‘Big Weights Iain’ got me to my exercise quota! Michelle coming to PT made sure I didn’t cancel because of a little bit of rain, and Iain pushed me to put back the weights I picked and get heavier ones. The buddy system is absolutely the way to go!

The only way I am going to make it through these 70 days is with a bit of my own motivation, but also with other people making me sure I turn up at classes and don’t get drunk and eat chips! So build your buddy system. Find a friend with the same goals, push each other, bat that mars bar out of their hands….it’s for their own good! This is not a solo sport!

Day 13: Shred Log


I have been on the go today and pretty busy so the following is absolutely not healthy and should not be followed!

Breakfast – Berocca boost and banana

I needed some quick fuel before getting tot he gym for 9.30 this morning so this kept me going!

Lunch -Apple

I rushed straight from the gym to the hairdressers and then straight from their to Dundee for the football. The only diet friendly food at the Pie shop was an apple, an outrageously overpriced apple!

Dinner – Mexican chicken and sweet potato wedges

Mum gave me another pack of wedges that I had last night, so we (me and husband) popped to Tesco after the football and got some chicken from the reduced aisle as well as some veg and Mexican spice to cook it with.

Drinks & snacks – 2 litres water, one Margarita (I asked them not to add sugar) and prosecco (it is my allocated alcohol day after all).

Exercise – 1 hour in the gym (where I did 40 burpees, today is actually a rest day in the lent challenge but as I was at the gym I swapped it with tomorrow)

Today’s top tip – Exercise at the weekend when you can, there is a slim chance it might stop you straying. It’s not a dead cert and I can’t guarantee you won’t eat chips but it’s a start!


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