Day 12: Measure me up!

It’s Friiiiiiiiiiiiday! You know what that means…it’s weigh in day! I haven’t done quite as much exercise this week, although I will hit my 3 sesh quota when I go to the gym tomorrow morning. So I wasn’t feeling too hopeful about what the fat step was going to tell me. But low and behold I have lost another 1lb. Whilst initially disappointed, I then realised that was ridiculous. I have only been doing this for 12 days and I have lost half a stone. Also as it is week two it means time to do my measurements and here are the results:

Neck: -0.5cm
Arm (R): -1cm
Chest: -0.5cm
Waist: No change
Hips: No change
Thigh (R): -0.5cm

Measurements need to allow for a bit of give or take either way as it is hard to be sure I have measured in exactly the same bit as 2 weeks ago. However  I am pretty happy with these results so far. I’ve been doing a lot of weights based stuff in PT and I am already starting to see my wee guns pop out again, my traps are back and I’ve definitely shed some weight from my face.


Just a short but sweet post tonight. 12 days in, 7lbs off and 2.5cm shredded. Not literally obviously, it’s a shame we can’t just grate it off eh?!

Day 12: Shred Log


Breakfast – Chicken, chorizo and avocado

Same as yesterday and it was a pretty tasty and filling breakfast, even if it did make the office smell strongly of chorizo at 9am!

Lunch – Leftover stirfry

Another leftover meal at lunch time. There was so much stirfry left last night that it was plenty for lunch today. I also went for a walk at lunch to get my steps up and picked up some M&S Spicy Chorizo Sweet Potato snacks. I didn’t love them and they most definitely weren’t pickled onion Monster Munch, but they were alright.

Dinner – GBK

Wow! This was amazing. I had a night in with my Mum tonight and picked up GBK takeaway on my way there. Whilst she had a cheeseburger and onion rings, I got a bacon avocado burger, the bunless option comes with salad and homemade slaw. I got some of their garlic mayo and my Mum cooked some M&S sweet potato wedges just in time for me arriving. I am now completely stuffed and it felt like treat meal whilst being shred/Paleo proof.

Drinks & snacks – Bootea, approx 3 litres water and fruit salad

Exercise – Just the 30 burpees today…..just!

Today’s top tip – Warm up your measuring tape before swapping the freezing cold plastic round your bare skin!


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